The simulator shot down the pc

Hola, a mi me sucede los mismo, en mi caso se cuelga en la pantalla de carga, tengo un i5 de séptima, una NVIDIA GEFORCE 2060 RTX (recién adquirida para mejorar el rendimiento) con 24 de RAM y hay ocasiones en las que incluso me resetea el PC. Yo que soy un fiel de Flight Simulator desde 1995, estoy muy decepcionado, esperaba que después de más de 10 años esperando, lo que hoy nos vendió ASOBO es un mero “JUEGO”, creo que los que aspirábamos a disfrutar de el mejor simulador de vuelo civil, hemos visto frustradas nuestras expectativas. Espero que ASOBO&Company se esmeren en llegar a darnos lo que prometieron. De momento UN DESASTRE

Hello - are you sure its not a thermal issue and your PC is shutting down due to high temps? Ive heard of CTD’s with the sim but not full on shutdowns, thats more of a PSU/Thermal issue with hardware and it protecting itself.


Hello, I play another sims and games, and never something likes this happen. Thanks


and so what other games you play that you haven’t problems? Are that games hard inet data streamed?

In this case it doesn’t really matter what games you play. What matters is this game’s impact on your hardware. Download Speccy or something similar and check the temperature of you CPU.

Totalmente de acuerdo. Y nuevamente revindico los mensajes en español, no nos lo borren. Somos el segundo idioma del mundo. gracias

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P.S.: If your PC shuts down, it’s a hardware issue. Not a software issue. Check your temps and power usage.

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As well as your PSU. You may just never have had an app use 100% GPU before and depending on your PSU that might be the problem

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FS2020 definitely will heat up a video card.

For example, FS2020 for me, even with settings on High, will only use 50-55% GPU while running, yet my GPU temps will be upper 60s to lower 70s. And that’s with having a customer fan curve set in Afterburner.

When I play American Truck sim with maxed out settings, my GPU is around 75% usage and my GPU temps never exceed 50c.

I don’t get how FS2020 heats up a card when it is using less resources compared to other games I play that use more.

Many things could cause this :
-is your cpu overclocked? If so, have you made any stability test? (Not talking of stability in game, talking about a real stress test)
-same for the GPU?
-what is your PSU power and rating?
-what are the room temperatures, and the CPU, GPU and PSU temps?
-is your PC dusted regularly?
-what is your CPU?
-24gb ram is not an usual amount, what sticks are in the PC, and are they matched?

Most other games aren’t as demanding, and faulty hardware or bad HW combination is more likely to fail the more you ask of them

Known someone who had issue on Counter Strike, his computer would shut down and reboot when something exploded. Turned out the PSU was faulty. And that is NOT a graphically demanding game…

Could very well be that MSFS heats the CPU more than other games, and that hot air which circulates in the case gets to the GPU that pulls its cool air from the case.
Not saying it is the reason, but I’ve seen my GPU temps rise in CPU heavy tasks while the GPU was not used at all, and they rose with the case temps.

That`s a hardware problem for sure.