The state of Traffic in SU10 Beta

I tested fully stock as well, my results are in the thread.

Live traffic is a bit of a mess tbh, not sure if that’s a regression or not though. Anecdotally I’ve noticed model matching is absolutely horrendous now but obviously can’t test in Su9 to verify.

Barely 1 to 2 out of every 10 planes matches airline and type properly, I get a lot of generic Asobo planes even when know I have models installed via AIG.

Maybe the required info is not being provided for some aircraft and the current matching rules result in a lot of generic airliners or odd matches.

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For sure, I see this. I recently recall an Emirates flight out of KSFO appearing as a single engine prop plane. Rather amusing to see it taxing along with large airliners.

Must say I have not noticed many of the issues regarding livery’s. The again I haven’t been looking for it particularly. It probably is on my system too, I just haven’t noticed yet. What I have noticed is that traffic, regardless of how it is injected into the sim, seems to be having a much greater impact on performance than previous updates.

Can’t really say with 100% certainty but is sure feels that way on my system.

Until they get the stutter issues corrected with the Beta it’s going to be rather hard to verify.

Perhaps when ATC staff get altzheimers, instead of being retired, they are incorporated into the MSSFS AI ATC?