The Stats in the Pilot Profile are incorrect

The Stats in the Pilot Profile are incorrect.

Just a few examples (almost ALL of my stats are incorrect) - look at the picture below:

  • How can the total flight time WITH AP and the total flight time WITHOUT AP be the SAME ? (Also, each time I re-start FS, I get completely different numbers. They should at least be consistent with my activity!)

  • After having done around 150 take offs, it tells me I have done only 1.00 !

  • On the top, it shows 29 HRS , which seems pretty correct to me.

29 hours are 29 * 60 * 60 = 104,400 seconds.

But the TOTAL FLIGHT TIME (SEC) shows 5099.78 (SEC) !!!

5099.78 seconds is 85 minutes, or 1 hour and 25 minutes. I have flown for hours and hours!

Every time I go to look at those stats they seem to only count my last flight.

I had thought of that, but looking at things closer, it is not. For example, in my last session (picture above), I only did the Courchevel landing challenge several times.
Each flight is around 2 to 3 minutes, so not 85 minutes.
In the challenge, there is no take off!
Also, in the total list of landings and take offs, each time I do a Courchevel landing, I get the number of take off being added 1, but not the number of landings.

And why is the total flight time in seconds?! Who is making these decisions? LOL

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Yep… and the distances in … meters rather than km or miles…

I am sorry I have just reviewed my ‘pilots statics’. What a load of rubbish!

As mentioned above why use seconds and metres for flight measurement.

Also the complete list of statistics is diabolical. A teenager could have produced a more sensible statistical listing .

It is a pity to spoil such a good simulator with childish inputs.

Don Fraser

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I agree.
I guess they show the standard unit, ie seconds/metres, that would then need to be converted in hours:minutes:secondes or days:hours:minutes:secondes, from seconds; and kilometers or miles, from metres.
But hey, we are lucky they don’t show time and distance in Planck’s time and Planck’s length, respectively!