The T-45C Goshawk is coming to MSFS buy the same people that did the Aermacchi

I’m loving the Aermacchi MB-339 and [now the devs are making the Indiafoxtecho - As many of you have guessed, our next… | Facebook

Sadly there’s no carrier support in MSFS. We had that in FSX! Is it coming to this sim too? I don’t remember hearing the devs talk about that.

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Thanks for that. Hadn’t heard that yet. I like the T-45.

But nevertheless that’s one of those things I cannot understand with the developers of 3rd party planes at the moment. IndiaFoxTecho was the first one to add some diversity into the current GA plane boredom. Jabiru 160, PA-44, C182, Kitfox, etc. - basically those are all plane variations on something that’s already been there in the standard package.

The Aermacchi MB-339 was the first real exception, the first really new thing. And now they are partnering up with Milviz (which is a good thing) to bring a second jet trainer. Why? The T-45 a cool plane - no doubt about it - but it is so similar to the MB-339. Only a tad more powerful and about 50kn faster and has MFDs instead of old-fashioned instruments. They could just as well be working on a L-39 or an Alpha Jet. So what’s supposed to entice me to spend money on it?

Milviz has really cool stuff, like the FG1-D Corsair, the P-38 Lightning, F-86 Sabre, F-100 Super Sabre, DHC-2 Beaver, DHC-3 Otter (with optional swimmers) or the T-38 Talon (which is also a trainer but it’s twin-engined and has afterburners - and probably won’t work with FS2020 currently)

Carriers represent a landing challenge, even in previous versions. It’s no different than trying to STOL atop a known landmark. smh

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I believe Dino has explained that this is due to no supersonic flight and no afterburners currently in MSFS.

It’s a game lol. I don’t think people play this to flex on other countries lmao. Always a snowflake

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