The twotter is released

Other than being loud, what all is wrong with the sounds? It’s still downloading so I haven’t been able to test it yet.

Some of the transitions are not smooth at all. Personally, when putting the props in reverse, it’s almost as if the forward sounds stop and the reverse sounds start, and vice versa when coming out of reverse.

There was smoothing work done yesterday, too late to make the initial release but they’ll be in the first patch, among other things.

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Glad to hear they’re aware of the issue at least!

The transitions can be really rough. Changing from inside to outside view and vice versa, the sound transitions are hard and delayed at times. Same with reversers.

I think it’s a great product, but the sound transitions are a bit rough around the edges. And I know they are simulating the actual aircraft, but short of turning down master volume in settings it’s near impossible to lower the cockpit volume to a non-ear bleeding level hehe

Of course this hasn’t taken away from my enjoyment, but doesn’t mean there can’t be some tuning done in my opinion.

I think it’s silly to say it ruins the experience though personally, but again this is also subjective and I can definitely understand folks having trouble with it.


So… if I’m reading this right, the sounds are the only thing people have an issue with?

Well, I massively dislike the fact that they put the default half-baked KAP140 in it but since the sim defaults to this autopilot in the background anyway all the time it’s probably a kind of necessity. It doesn’t reduce the value of the aircraft, that’s for sure, just totally colliding with my taste of correctly modelled addons ^^

Have faith guys the marketplace updates tomorrow could possibly be released on xbox then

I bought it today and very happy with it!

The flap retraction/extension sounds either play much too late or not at all, for example…

I don’t know the Twotter’s systems too well but in the Skyvan for example (hydraulically actuated flaps) you don’t hear them move at all. They only work with the engines running and they drown absolutely everything else. The Twin Otter isn’t much more silent inside.

How can I tell whether the yaw damper is active or not? When I hit push the button nothing visually or functionally changes as far as I can tell… Is there an indicator light somewhere?

The main thing wrong with the sounds is the engine sounds. They have a couple of different recordings of RPM settings,and then just crossfade between those recordings. Normally they also change the pitch of a sound, and crossfade between samples to represent the different tonalities for each RPM range of the engine.

So they do the crossfade bit, but ‘forgot’ or don’t understand the pitch bit, which makes it sound incredibly odd. lol.

Apparently they licensed the TSS sound pack for the Twotter, and then did their own coding, which messed it up.

See comments here: TSS - DHC-6 Twin Otter - PT-6A27 Pilot Edition - FSX - YouTube

“I am not sure how to comment as we simply do not get what you describe. Nor does any of the youtubers streaming at this moment. In fact almost all comment on the good quality of the sounds.” Mathijs Kok

This should get interesting…It’s the same thing on every product release. People tend to over hype everything beyond recognition. Otherwise, you do not get free product and capital to grow your channel. But I’m sure everyone knows that already.

To be fair, Mathijs is open to looking into it. One of his points, to which I agree, is the engines would be awfully loud in real life due to hardly any insulation.

However this should be mitigated by a panel or slider in cockpit, so you do not have to adjust the system sounds.

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This was pointed out elsewhere but you’re probably hearing the hydraulic pump.

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I can live with the sounds for now. What really kills it for me is that switches are not moving. Being it with LVARs or with my Alpha. The generator switches for example do nothing for me. I like the way it flies though. Flaps out, 80kn, -2k fpm… drop out of the sky right down to the field. Just love that.

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I hope people will put out several tutorial videos for that bird. Many counterintuitive or unclear behaviors I could use guidance on…

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there’s a 160 page manual included with the plane, probably a good place to start.

I know, and I’m reading through it, but many things I don’t get from reading it. Having somebody explain it from another perspective (and watch it happen at the same time) would be really helpful…

Yeah, I’m trying to get through it but I’m not finding it to be that great, myself.

I don’t know if any developer has made their own KAP-140. Do you? I’m honestly curious. (I purchased the Logitech AP panel and it works great on the PC-6 from Milviz and the BN-2 from BlackBox. I won’t be able to play until the beginning of February (new computer issues), but in the case where there’s a KAP-140, that Logitech panel works better than my Honeycomb Bravo’s AP controls.)

I hear ya though. I always appreciate when the developers put in the effort to get things as correct as possible.