The V-22 Osprey from Miltech Simulations ANNOUNCED!

Absolutely can’t wait for the 23rd!

How can I check witch version I have? I have ORBX but manual says 1.1.2.

Found. I have 1.1.3 file version_miltech-mv22b-osprey.txt.

OPREY MV-22 and UK CARRIER STRIKE GROUPS released now at the MSFS Marketplace!

(Osprey) Xbox version scheduled for end of this month.


It’s a nice bonus that the bundle packs are also there.

Will the Osprey be released on 23rd or 30th?

We don’t have exact info on the release date. But the product has been tested on Xbox with SU12 and it’s fully compatible. Not too sure how Microsoft will handle Xbox releases of aircraft using WASM after SU12 - I’ll share more info closer to the release of SU12.


Just got confirmation from Microsoft that the Osprey for Xbox is scheduled to release next Thursday, after the launch of SU12.


Is there any chance of getting rain effects on the cockpit glass?


I didnt notice it, if not +1, important feature!

Effects used to be there - let me check what happened. Likely this is a result of the latest texturing update.


I am excited on XBOX! Might be the first WASM plane I buy!


Do we have to remap the Controller or HotasOne in order to operate the nacelles? And do we have to change the flightmodel like the non Marketplace Version?

Flight model is now by default set to “Volocopter”, no change required.

Nacelles are operated with “INCREASE COWL FLAP 4” and “DECRESASE COWL FLAP 4” respectively. These two must be mapped to two buttons on your controller (I would recommend creating a new controller profile for the Osprey, and using the buttons you would normally use for flaps - Flaps are operated automatically on the Osprey)


i have flaps tied to an axis, is this possible for the nacelles as well?

We are looking into that. It’s on the list of future updates, not possible at this time though. It does create a few issues, as nacelles do not react as fast as the movement of the axis. Requires extensive testing and iterating to get an adequate result.


it would be great if it could be. In DCS, i do something similar with the harrier:
ive got a virpil cm2 , and the flaps axis handle righ next to the throttle lever makes for a very handy nacelle control

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Available now for Xbox!

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Osprey is now available for Xbox!


@LikedHare478430 can’t hear other Ospreys in multiplayer

There are a few issues on how things sync on multiplayer (this is noted in the manual, FAQs, etc.). We are investigating those issues and will get resolved/improved in future updates.