The Wacky World of CTD, and a mia culpa (kinda), OC'ers read this if you're CTD a lot

So, any of you who were reading along in the immediate aftermath of know that I was hit with a machinegun fire of CTD’s and I was vocal about it.

I tried literally everything and the CTD’s were merciless. Meanwhile all the eye-candy kids were like “YAY, mah clerrds er serxy again!”… None of it mattered to a few of us in CTD purgatory.

“YAY, mah terxtures lerk gud from orbit!!”

It was painful for those of us that seriously couldn’t fly 5 minutes without a crash.

I’m a 30 year veteran of PC flightsims, and system building and optimizing etc… But I’d get these responses about how I should check this and that (all stuff I check before breakfast, daily, etc)… And it got to the point where it was insulting.

Seriously, everything else runs great, but FS is CTD city… But somehow I’m the problem… Ok, I guess. whatever. I certainly ain’t gonna type my credential on every post, or try to argue with every forum warrior that I’m not an idiot… So I stopped talking about it and set about trying to figure out what the heck is going on (read that more accurately as – “Why are the pedestrians happy, but the techs are in CTD hell?”

Turns out that was a good line to follow.

I tried everything, I could find no fault on my system, everything is gravy… Every other game runs like a scared ape on this computer and flawless, but not MSFS…

So, I saw a post in the bugs forum, an overclocker who had results by setting his CPU back to stock. I thought that was interesting, but I’m not going to do it… But what I was willing to do was dial back my OC by 0.2 Ghz… So I did.

MSFS runs flawlessly again. Weird. I can literally think of no reason that would have worked, but it does. Sadly, some of my other CPU hog programs that require the other overclock now require a change of config to run well… This is a headache…

But the important bit is, MSFS ran fine by just pulling it back a little. The rest of you OC guys might try it.

I’m still not happy because there is no reason it shouldn’t work fine as it was… But the reality is it doesn’t work fine as it was.

Hopefully after the next round of patches I won’t need two different configs for my system to run everything (I didn’t need to different configs prior to SU5, so I still blame MSFS and not my build)… But at least now I know how to make it work.

As ever, your mileage may vary – But if you’re frustrated, I hope it might help you.


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