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Anyway there’s people flying around the gulf hurricanes with what seems to be proper wind and clouds… I wonder if that’s their first flight since starting the sim or if it’s actually working for them. Didn’t have time today to try it myself.

I think it all has to do with location. I spawned in Denver and despite cloudy skies all day, it was clear skies. I then spawned near Seattle and the weather was all correct.

so in this approach you saw winds aloft to be NOT 225@3kts? or just the surface winds?

May have been unclear lol. Ive mostly done US flying. No matter what with live weather i get winds aloft (seems to be around 1000 ft agl and up) of 225@3. Surface winds are usually different although also usually completely wrong in the US (too weak, wrong direction not to mention my ATIS always say 3 miles vis and dewpoint 10 regardless of what the depicted weather is)

I read that others had luck in europe so i did 2 short flights in the UK and for the first time saw different and varying winds aloft. Now it was a quick test and i didn’t check their accuracy to real world data, but I will say the surface winds and METARs (which I did crosscheck with real data) were generally much more accurate in the UK so Im lead to believe the winds aloft were as well.

After these two flights (both successful and without restarting the sim or any other weird “tricks”) I respawned in the US: weird METARs and static winds aloft at 225@3 again

Ive yet to try the trick recommended by gr82bagator

I have never successfully gotten winds aloft anywhere in the United States, but they work first time, every time when loading at an airport in the UK.

I have gotten strong surface winds and winds aloft over southern Mexico, but when flying north, they stop working and go to 225@3 just north of the latitude of Acapulco / Mexico City.

Until a few days ago, the surface winds at US airports in the world map also showed no more than 2 or 3 knots at any location. That, at least, has changed. Now I am often seeing US airport winds on the map showing directions other than 200-250 degrees, and am seeings speeds higher than three knots. But… when actually loading into the airports that appear to be showing real winds, they are still only 225 at 3 one the airplane is loaded

Not only USA, same issue on South America airports.

I did a test today and at first I got very exited… the preload is almost spot on compared to SkyVector (18005KT) this is METAR from an airport very close so I thought that make sense.

Than i get in the simulator and it shows…

Now I’m even more confused :thinking:

Got back in the preload 15 min later it now shows 18606KT, seams like it living its own life. In the sim same as above

Tried this. Makes no difference for me. Selected KMBS which is currently reporting 250 10 Gusting 17 kts IRL. After following what you suggested still showing 231 @ 7 on the in game menu.

Once spawning at the airport the ATIS gave the usual bogus report (although I will say the surface winds did seem pretty close to reality)
Wind 247 @ 14; Vis 3sm; Few Clouds 1100, Few Clouds 4200, Few Clouds 12300 (this never changes); Temp 26; Dewpoint 10; Altimeter 2991.

For reference the real reported weather is:
Wind 250 10 G17; Vis 10; Sky Clear; Temp 29; Dewpoint 14; Altimeter 3001

Once taking off and reaching about 500 AGL, surface winds disappear and the 225 @3 bug returns.

Visibility was depicted correctly, however the ATIS always says 3sm. Live weather also seems unable to just have Sky Clear for me, its always few clouds at the same exact heights. Dewpoint always 10. And I would say the difference in altimeter readings is pretty substantial as well.

@Jummivana I hope this will be addressed in the next dev update. Maybe not fixed, but I would love to hear from the team regarding this bug. I have sent in a zendesk ticket too for good measure :wink:

It does appear that the ATIS always reports “few” clouds at 3 levels, and it does this anywhere even if the sky is perfectly clear.

I did a flight yesterday where Live Weather was injecting a solid overcast at about 3000 feet. In this case, the ATIS did report the overcast layer, but it said it was at 1800 feet. But, it still reported the two higher fictitious “few” cloud layers, despite the fact that it was completely overcast…

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Anywhere in Idaho I fly, the weather is way off. Wind, Baro, Temps all of it is extreamly off.

On launch day it was fine, the last few days have been extremely inaccurate. Try 45c today a KBOI with clear skies. Its overcast and upper 20’s…

Right now I am freeport Bahamas with live weather and its a clear day, no wind… Real weather is 17kts from the east and stormy.

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File a Bug. It is important to file these issues as bugs. That is the only way they will get prioritized.

Yes, i’m filing bugs for all the little issues like this I see that I am seeing others report as well.

This is a mayor issue right now, look other post about this, as i can see your wind in game is 223/5.

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Its a region thing. Europe at most works fine. South america too.

Definitely a sim problem lol. There is not currently some kind of “global weather data outage”.

South America is not working, only clouds and rain despictions

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For me work just fine. Winds included

Have you tried North America?

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Weather only works, regardless of region, on your first flight. Every following flight it’s just clear skies. You need to restart the sim for weather to work again… One time. Rinse and repeat.

It’s a bug. simple as that.

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Edlc82002 - yeah I have raised a Zendesk ticket about this I only get LIVE weather on my first load. This is in the UK and Ireland. I can repeat this bug every time.

Although oddly I think this is perhaps a new thing, as I’m sure I didn’t need to reload when it was first released.

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