The white box where tail number & callsign would be

Hi, having tried the methods offered in previous posts dating back a few years, nothing works. So, has anyone managed to crack removing the white box on multiplayer and Ai aircraft 2023? Its not on all aircraft. For example the Aeroplane Heaven Chipmunk doesn’t suffer neither does Ant’s Tiger Moth, So, there must be a way. Please help, thanks.

Welp, nobody “fixed” it yet… but i can help you make 'm disappear if yer on pc?
Was hoping someone bright at asobo would be enabling us to see other people’s aircraft id’s… but i guess that would also enable those trying to gross the community out with their explicit messages. So, this is the one i’m using at the moment.

Hi, thanks for the response. Yes, I’ve seen that mod but it only addresses default aircraft and liveries of which I rarely use. I was hoping for a set of instructions to actually fix the issue in 3rd parties aircraft such as is shown in the photo.

Given how many aircraft there are in the sim, it would probably behoove you to download the addon and see how they fixed those planes.

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The addon represents a lot of Model editing - amazing effort to fix something that it is questionable should have been there in the first place

Unfortunate consequence of making a Flight Simulator for everyone … as everyone includes those who would take advantage, and think it is clever to use obscene Tail numbers for everyone in MP to see …etc etc


That I have done and there’s nothing obvious that helps me with non Asobo associated aircraft sadly. I expect buried deep in an XML file, is a simple line of code to enable or disable the white box…

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A simple toggle within the sim which generates a pop-up with message which states that enabling this feature potentially exposes you to explicit content would probably be enough to satisfy lawyers.

I appreciate the sim is for everyone, and as an adult I include myself in that number, so it would be nice if I could be treated like one…even though I don’t always act like one. :wink:

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Agreed – but it’s one sim fits all, thus must cater to the youngest player, who should be protected from inappropriate language.

Also, the older members should also be protected – a few of the younger members (especially on Discord), use BAD language, I am not even aware of - but yes, I have the OPTION not to listen, so it does not really bother me – some other parent’s problem.

But the above must be at least one of the reasons there is not Multiplayer Chat (audio or Text) , build into MSFS 2020 (as there was in FSX).

Not showing user generated tail Number, thus falls under the above - protecting the Innocent from the not so Innocent. as well as protecting MSFS PEGI 3 rating – Suitable for all ages.

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How about just make it blank, don’t show the text and make it transparent for other planes in Multiplayer. That would be better than that stupid white box. I find that choice absolutely unbelievable on Asobo’s part. Just soooo lazy it boggles my mind.


BINGO – and guess what – that is quite possible for the Plane Devs to do in their AI models !!


You need to go into the “official” folder, then find the plane you want to change. Open that planes “model” folder. Inside you will find a bunch of .bin and .gtlf files. You must open each .gtlf file for each LOD of the planes EXTERIOR using notepad+. Once inside you are going to search for an entry named “registration number”. You need to scroll through until you find a texture called “pbrMetallicRoughness”. This texture has a parameter named “baseColorFactor”. There will be a string of digits after this seperated by commas. You want the last digit, which is 1.0 which is the transparency value. Change that to 0.0 and save. Do this for each LOD. Keep in mind if you edit LOD 0 you wont see your own tailnumber on your plane even in single player settings. Good luck its not the easiest thing to find if you arent semi comfortable using a text editor.


Thank you.

Like I said, incredibly lazy programming with regard to this by Asobo. I have no idea what the logic was behind the design specification, but people have been complaining about this since the software was released. Probably literally 8 hours of work for any programmer in their environment to fix all the planes so it works properly. Worst case, spend a day to develop a quick tool and run it the next day. smh

A lot harder for us, but, they’ve got the tools to do the work.

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Agreed 100% its deplorable.

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Thanks. I did that and it worked! So, now presumably a repaint of the fuselage with added registration number will replace what’s missing, since it won’t be dynamic, but fixed.

Doing that would presumably break the dynamic registration for your own plane?

Good job well done

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Only if you edit LOD 0. If ypu leave that you will have your number. But up close other planes will have the box.


On the other hand I can’t get it working with the JU52… no matter what I do or change

Note: Are not LOD 0 of encrypted planes , encrypted, so you are not going to be able to edit those LOD 0 in any case. ?

Yes as far as i know encrypted planes are ubtouchable. Probly the reason the ju52 is not reacting.