The White Cliffs of Dover

Ups! Whats that!!!

Hi there,
The issue will not be reported to Asobo if it goes in General Discussion, so I moved this to Bugs & Issues.


I dub thee “The White Cliffs of Hover”


They looked fine to me

The coastline at SABA has the same issue

That was SABA. Look at the thread title. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But it also has hovering shoreline. So possibly related.

Sorry, I just got up and reread your post. :+1:

I didn’t notice that at Dover. What I did notice was very late pop in of the cliffs themselves. But they didn’t disappear when I flew south east to Calais. I did notice the gradual morphing of the other parts of the coastline. I’ve seen that in a few other places as well.

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A few restarts later and at the right hight. But yes also very late pop in of the cliffs

Right, that was the same with Monument Valley in the US. After the US update installed, flying there showed the buttes as hovering above the terrain. Relaunching the sim fixed that.

It looks like the have another unfixed bug on their hands, but with a simple workaround.

I haven’t checked this out yet, but can you confirm if you have deleted your rolling + manual cache since installing the update, as recommended?

It’s nothing to do with that. Relaunching the sim seems to fix the vertical placement of the 3D models. I never saw this with Dover as I flew somewhere else first, Cambridge, then grabbed a bit to eat then visited Dover.

Yes the first thing I do on update is remove Cache.
However this sorted out with a relaunch of the Sim.
Now looks nice. But still dosnt apear untill you are almost ontop of it.

Good to know.

I have heard others complain about the pop-in as well. My guess is it’s to do with the distance at which the sim is set to start pulling the photogrammetry data, and it’s particularly noticeable here because of the clear line of sight from such a distance + the scale of the cliffs.


Perhaps also some LOD settings for individual models? We’ve all seen those photos of people complaining about the quality of buildings, and they are zoomed in with a telephoto lens from 20 miles away! They improve as you get closer.

The cliffs may not have that low res data, then as soon as you get close enough…PING…they appear in all their glory. Oddly, the reverse is not true, and they do not unload as you fly away.

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Has anyone tried adding the area to the manual cache to see if this mitigates the issue?

Yeah but manual cache is crashing to desktop at the moment

This is what mine look like as well. Not very impressed with this UK update, London looks like a hydrogen bomb has been dropped on it, loads of weird LOD issues.


A couple more shots of this problem. As you can see, I’m fairly close to the cliffs before they start popping up. These shots are all 4k, ultra plus LODs set at 5.0000000 via the cfg file.

Approaching, look at the cliffs ahead of the aircraft

As you get nearer, an addon cliff suddenly pops up. Nice cliff-face but no real integration with the previous clifftop, and it wasn’t here a moment ago!

Then, moving on past the port of Dover, look ahead and in the distance there’s a flat piece of land below a green cliff face

This cliff develops a new ‘open’ layer as you approach

If you get a little bit closer -

Move along to the likes of Portsmouth and things go back to splendid. But the new additions in this latest update are not good. Feels like one step forward and two back.


Already been reported many times.

Wasn’t fixed since USA World Update.