The wind graph and its readings

In weather settings, we have the infamous default wind layer, it starts off at ground level as default height.

There is a graph at the bottom and a velocity reading top-left of that graph.

If I set wind to 20 and gusts to 20 the graph display reads 40, slide that wind layer up to 2000 feet and it reads 20

Is the graph display reading wind at (what seems to be the standard height) at 10m from ground i.e. what real ATIS would call surface winds??

Does that also mean that whatever height that wind layer is, say 2000 feet, it’s really still blowing 40 knots as it was at ground level ???

It seems to make sense, I think, not much in this screen!

One way or another I’ll get to understand what’s going in here :wink:

Update, after extensive messing about, its more messed up than before :slight_smile:

With the wind layer below 300’ the graph display shows wind+gust slider values

With the layer above 300’ the graph shows wind slider value only

ATIS reports whatever that graph display shows

On top of all that, the windsocks don’t read correctly, they show winds way below what is really blowing, it takes about 40 knots to get sock horizontal when it should be about 15 knots.

In other words we cannot set a high level wind and still find out what the surface winds are - ATIS is supposed to report surface winds for takeoff/landings.