The wind model doesn't simulate terrain well

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Irrelevant. I have no mods that affect weathers.

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Especially in Asia Pacific there are lots of airports famous (notorious) for very biased winds (RCSS, RJSS, RJOO, RJOT… the list goes on) due to terrain features. This is not well-modeled in the game, causing in-game wind often blow on wrong direction from real life i.e. causing player to have to choose between tailwind landing/takeoff and going against live traffic. For example I have personally made more RJOO RWY 14 takeoff/landings than a whole year’s share IRL (where there’s only single digit landings per year on the RWY 14 side).

Some airports with biased wind but not caused by terrain seems to be a lot more accurate on that (e.g. RCTP. Never had the “go against traffic” issue, expect for the ATC’s inability to change runway when wind changes mid-flight.)

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any date/time as these airports should have rather constant winds.

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Go to an airport with biased runway usage, then observe frequency of in-game wind going against that trend. Also observe live traffic disagreeing with in-game wind.

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