The wonderful French altiports

We were talking about some of my favourite French Altiports that maybe were a little less known. Here are some shots of some ones I had a play with recently. I’ll add more posts as I fly them.

Today’s flight took me from Aubenasson LFJF to the Altisurface de l’Escoulin LFFA, the nicely sloped Col du Bacchus LF2623 (replaces the default Chabeuil LF56) to the perfectly situated Saint-Jean-en-Royans LFKE.


Another little trip, this time through the south western Alps.

Starting from Saint-Martin LF2655, into the amazing Die LF53 (recommended!), and Die LF55 hilltop, stopping at Altiport de La Motte Chalençon LFJE for a coffee.

Then it was a few more stops, via Grand Terrus LFTG, through the gap to Montsaleon LFTM, an unplanned detour to the hillside LF57 (unmodified), before heading back to civilisation in Tallard LFNA.

I love this region simply for the multitude of strips around, most of which have been improved on, the uncanny locations that the French decided to build them - ‘No not on the flat area there, but on the side of that hill makes much more sense.’

Saint-Martin LF2655

Die LF53

Die LF55

Altiport de La Motte Chalençon LFJE

Grand Terrus LFTG

Montsaleon LFTM


Tallard LFNA