The world is different,

…so are my flights!


Magnificent pictures. Did you use any reshades?

So realistic! It looks a lot better than what I am seeing.

Wow…alot better than what I see also! Beautiful!

No,I don’t use reshade.I would like to,but having the store version of MSFS,I can’t.


This may sound crazy, but I did a short flight this morning, and it seemed different. I have zero mods, and a mid-high system. I run 1080p with most settings on high, a few on medium, and a few on ultra. I was flying around New Jersey which is where I am from. The world seemed sharper and brighter today. I was getting 40-45fps over NYC where I normally only get around 25-30fps. :man_shrugging:


Really great pictures and realistic for sure! Love the last 4. :heart_eyes: