The Worldmap page really needs a makeover in FS2024

In FS2024, make the worldmap page

  • more user-friendly : no nested menus please which don’t even keep the options from one session to the other . Go for toggle switch bars .

  • no more of these white labels which hide the terrain around airports

  • focus it to a flight plan drafting tool with all the necessary infos easily reachable (airport altitude among others) and proper graphic representation ( drop shaped trajectory for instance for an ILS transition) . Today making an IFR plan is a bit akward.

And, pretty please :wink:, associate 3rd party developers, like Little NavMap, so we have full compatibility.

Looking forward to it. But I am sure that my fellow MSFS simmers will have their own suggestions. Please keep them focused on the World map page !


I really hope Asobo is looking at FS2024 like ColossalOrder are doing Cities Skylines 2. Integrating popular community mods from the first game. We can only hope Asobo have listened to the flight sim community and take ideas/wishlist items and add them to FS2024.


Layers need to be activated in 1 click, not 3 like it is right now, maybe with a system where submenus open when hovering the mouse over certain icons…
And the World Map settings and layers certainly need to be saved for the next session!


Totally agree, shouldn’t this go in the bugs section so can upvote?

Or if not a “bug” so-to-speak, it’s more of a possible feature request.

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Some wishes:

  • minimize animations so access is quicker to the map
  • increase zoom detail - sometimes I’m looking for a particular terrain feature to figure out where I need to place my airplane and the current zoom level is all blurry
  • IFR mode - no terrain, for flight planning
  • Nice to Have - all waypoints on the IFR mode with constraints and ability to configure the flight path on the world map for an in-between user friendliness between beginner (just spawn) and advanced (spawn and configure FMC).
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