There is no downgrade in SU5

if you are complaining about your pc being too strong, then buy a console. The complaints are so ridiculous and childish.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs. Not permanent.

is the Autopilot, Ai, and other systems function correctly on the console?

Playing, playingn, playing. Not permanant. LOL :rofl:

They do fix bugs for sure but then they break things that were not bugs in the first place


they broke basic things for the sake of the console

The thing is… they fix the bugs everyone complains about and then they create new bugs that didn’t exist and they make it worse

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example, i’m 300 ft below my assigned altitude of FLT 320 but my gauge says i’m at FLT 328

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your screenshots are taken from much closer by…

yes, absolutely…

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Yeah since SU5 im having the same problem bud…Right now fly with Pre-set weather as live weather is messed up

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I used Rex weather engine yesterday while flying VATSIM and altitude was still off (from what they saw vs what was in sim). Such a strange bug.

Hi I’m new to this forum but I’ve been a fan of flight sim from the very beginning. I bought it my new pc in order to play msfs on day one and since then I’ve bought copious add on scenery from orbx and the other great companies as well as buying the superb honeyCombe yoke and the full set of Thrustmaster airbus peripherals flight stick throttle and add on so it’s safe to say I am a huge fan of this amazing game.

But that was before SU5 as where it was a truly immersive incredible flight simulating experience now it just feels like a pale imitation of what it once was.

How anyone can say this hasn’t been downgraded is beyond me the look and the feel of it just feels off now it doesn’t look right the controls no longer work and it does feel like a console import.

Even the small things like moving the mouse on the main menu is clunky like you’d get on a console.

Don’t get me wrong as I love consoles and I love console gaming but this is (or was) a simulator that is it purpose realism is key for this community and this has been eroded.

We PC owners who have shaped this smack v product over the last 12 months from update after a update have been cast aside for the gamers on console that want guns and scores and missions.

This isn’t what flight sim is about or it wasn’t.

We just want what we had before last month an amazing flight experience that we had invested so much time and money into.


yes indeed I will look again

Here you go…

Senior Community Manager

“Hello! The team is working on communication and will post as soon as we can - we are currently triaging and/or discussing the biggest issues we are seeing reported (LOD Pops, Temperature altitude fix not working, CTDs, installation issues, etc.). We acknowledge this post as well as the others seeking communication and please know we are in progress. Thanks!”


Welcome mate your in the same boat as most of us it will be fixed tho (fingers crossed)

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Yeah. I bet all the folks who say nothing was downgraded have low end systems. I don’t know how anyone with eyes can say there hasn’t been a downgrade but perhaps it’s not so noticeable on low end systems.


Thanks for that!

There is a huge difference between LOD 200 and 400. I am testing outside KDEN now and with LOD 200 there is a clear limit at FL270 where the ground textures falls apart. If I set LOD to 400 I can fly up to FL400 and still have crisp ground textures.
Luckily my 3090 + 5900x can take it.

there is indeed a bug on the right tower which becomes a mirror with distance.

Well I know that many are fussy about the small details, but for me it’s beautiful, and it’s fluid!!! it’s true that there is a loss of quality, but flying at 15-30 FPS and 50 -60 vs small loss of quality there is no photo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grinning: :innocent: