There is no downgrade in SU5

Thanks as I say I love flight sim I was a huge fan of FSX and I was disappointed when the aces team was disbanded.

This sim is broken at the mo and it’s such a shame that all that work we have put in over the last year has been all but eroded in a 40 gb update that all I can see is made our sim worse.

For months I wondered how they could possibly fit this amazing sim into a console even one as good as the next gen Xbox when even top end PC struggle with it.

Sadly we now know the answer rather than fit our version into the Xbox they put their version into ours.

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I really can’t see this staying this way to be honest. Year one in a 10 year commitment you can’t limit the software of system resource. 3 rd party devs implementing more advanced add-ons, and future MS bing data and photogrammetry will be restricted if this stays the course.

What GPU do you have? You can get ok-ish FPS with a 3080 or 3090 at 400%. 350% worked pretty well but did have an FPS hit for me with a 3080.

Even when Asobo do release a patch with a ‘super ultra’ and 400% LOD option I’m not sure I’ll ever really touch them. Right now I’m in a pretty good sweet spot of graphics verses FPS.

I’m not saying people don’t have a point to say there’s been a row back on the graphic quality. All I’m really saying is the strength of the vitriol being espoused here is massively, in fact ludicrously, out of proportion to the size of the problem and amount of graphical degradation. The LOD has been tuned down slightly and all of a sudden the graphics are ‘terrible’ ‘unplayable’ ‘nerfed’ ‘hideous’, or whatever. Its over the top nonsense.

Its fuelled more than anything by a snobbishness towards the Xbox community and how dare a £500 games console perform as well as the £3000 PC I built specially for the simulator. Which as I’ve said numerous times is a pointless argument since Asobo have said the PC version is getting graphic improvements. And on top of that there are umpteen reasons why the PC version will always be superior, if that fact is so important to some people.

There’s certainly been loads of bugs, broken mods and CTD, and people have a right to feel frustrated of course, I’m one of them to be fair. I’ve experienced loads of CTD recently. These issues will get ironed out though I’m sure.

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What do companies like PDMG. Think of this down grade as they pride themselves on realism and study level models at very high cost but the sim community will and do pay as this is what we want.

So how can they achieve this high fidelity when the base game is now so limited.

Your welcome…Iv been a PC flight sim fan for years mate…They have a 10 year development plan for this sim so as i said things will hopefully get better for us PC folk :slight_smile:

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Yes…can’t see it going and other way but better🙏

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This is not true though as this isn’t the issue, the issue is that our game that we spent 12 months shaping has been down graded without our consent. No one begrudges it on the console they begrudge our version being weakened to accommodate them.

Without being notified or giving our consent.

How would Xbox s owners feel if their next gen fifa was downgraded to the 360 version.


Sorry PMDG

This statement is the furthest from the truth. More people involved in the simming community benefits us all. You walk into a car dealership and purchase a 6 cylinder engine to have in only running on 4 cylinder after and oil change less than a yr later. That’s the sim today

This is not the case at all…

I don’t want to wait 9 more years to find my peace in this sim. I payed 120€ for this game and as a customer demand to have it decently working out of the box as it is supposed to be. We cant be beta testers for the rest of its lifecycle… hilarious!


You have to change lod from 2 to 4 in cfg, but there’s no downgrade? Are you being serious right now? First of all, increasing lod to 4 introduces massive stutter that wasn’t previously there, antialiasing is much worse than before, colors are off, lighting and shadows are downgraded, pop ins all over the place alone is enough to break any immersion. But i guess we’re all stupid and don’t know what we’re seeing with our own eyes. Asobo is not some indie dev team, they don’t need you to defend them, if we’re not gonna critise them when we don’t like the direction where this sim is going and after they clearly lied and deceived their core customers, then this forum and any interaction with devs has no purpose.


I agree with you… I said about the 10 years hoping we will get this to what it used to be in 6 months without the bugs and make it even better than before :slight_smile:

This also can be the case. But Xbox launched had been scheduled for sometime now, so why not update your server side to handle the additional load.

I sometimes wonder if people are playing a totally different flight sim to me. Before the update flying a large airliner anywhere near Paris or London would result in a total collapse in FPS to the point where I just couldn’t fly a large airliner near any photogrammetry city.

After this update which has apparently ‘downgraded’ the sim I can fly a large airliner low over any photogrammetry city and get 40FPS. It totally transforms and opens up the simulator for me.

If the LOD has been turned down a little to help me achieve that I’m totally happy with it. Believe it or not I do enjoy the sim so I can fly aircraft rather than marvel at the LOD all the time.


Can you list you PC specs please?

I also have been using MSFS since the 80’s, and I agree with everything you said here. Too often we only look at what we lose and ignore what we gain when a major update like this takes place. After this many years, I still find it an amazing experience to fly anywhere I want in the world.

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I’ve got an RTX 3080 with a 5600X and 32GB RAM

This is fine and I’m happy for you but the real issue is that before you could turn down the sliders to make the game playable with lesser graphics before.

But now there is no longer the option to turn those same sliders back up.

Oh yes and it’s broken that it randomly crashes now making it largely unplayable.


That doesn’t make any difference if you’re CPU limited though. Before the update it was the CPU that was causing the low FPS, for me anyway. Now thats no longer the case.

But thats bugs in the system that will inevitably get ironed out. Though frustrating its a separate issue from a downgrade.