Thermals, Up & Downdrafts - More Realism Updates

People who are supporting this topic should also take a look right here:

“heat only” lift adjustment in SU12 Beta is an improvement but needs strength adjustment as well as altitude (feedback-logged :ballot_box_with_check: )


Total agree with this topic. As a real-world pilot and fresh from P3D v5 with Active Sky, the turbulence that I had there with my motion platform and B737 was extremely realistic. Now I hardly get a bump going thru heavy CB or over mountainous terrain.

This subject is my main “disadvantage” perceived with MSFS so far, the rest + visuals has been excellent, I was kinda surprised as I thought the air dynamics was meant to be very well modelled


Alright Simupdate 12, the big ‘‘Thermals Partially Fixed’’ update :sweat_smile:
Looking at the beta, we all shouldn’t expect too much. But let’s test and see.

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Let’s see! I wish up/downdraft unilimited, let’s hope! … “dangers in the skies”, let’s dream! :pray:

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I’m no real flyer however it seems to be getting there slowly. IMO there’s still a bit to do e.g. low level turbulence over PG can be a bit extreme in warm weather and of course there’s some cloud formation and effect still missing.

I just hope they bring some clarity tomorrow in the Dev Q&A what’s actually going on.

But I’m gonna call it here first, the reality is:
the beta tester did an fantastic job pointing out several things and at the end almost nothin changed :man_shrugging:

The thermal system is still the arcade / simplistic one.

(referring to this statement)

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Really??? That statement was done a while ago, right? So I hope we’ll see some improvements by digging more SU12, hopefully!

Let’s ask tomorrow when Q&NA online

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New Dev Q&A thermals at 00:17:06


Very dissapointing when top voted dev stream forum questions aren’t quoted, mentioned and answered directly.

Same, general, not to the point descriptions of thermals as usual. Very discouraging, but as we RL glider pilots have high hopes to have decent gliding experience we won’t give up.


“Some simmers don’t like turbulence” - may I respectfully suggest to the team that the term ‘simmers’ isn’t being correctly applied?


All the points that were made in the beta forum were supporting each other and made totally sense,
meanwhile they made it look like ‘‘who knows what’s real, one says one thing and another person says something different…’’, that was a really weird statement :neutral_face:

The only good thing I see is that they continue to improve thermals and at least some small fixes made it into SU12.

I wish we could have a Q&A with Marten, he is more straight to the point about what’s going on and what they are trying to do.


Maybe if a few of the real life glider pilots could form a small group (like a council or something), and have one person leading this group, that one person could approach Jorg, and Jorg could then designate a person at Asobo (ie. designate Marten or Seb, or whoever) to liase with the leader of this real life glider pilot group.

Having a leader for the group is to cut down on the communication and to make it easier for Seb/Marten, because they are very busy.

I think if you approach Jorg in an organized way, by showing proof that the entire group all has glider pilot licenses (ie. you would have to attach all your real life pilot licenses in your initial e-mail to Jorg), tell Jorg you all use MSFS, Jorg may be receptive to this idea. My understanding is that Asobo is already in contact with a real life gliding company/school in France, when they did the original thermal changes. But that real life gliding company/school are not really users of MSFS. If Asobo were to liase with a group of real life glider pilot users of MSFS, perhaps this is something Jorg would consider (but of course, you need to prove the entire group are certified and licensed real life glider pilots, otherwise anybody could approach Jorg to make changes and it would be a waste of his time).


I don’t believe this will be truly solved without specific locational input from RL flyers by way of an addon (need not be 3rd party) and an editable expandable map of gliding areas. Live MSFS weather would be out of the question however that doesn’t mean snapshots couldn’t add influence at load and/or at periodic intervals.

All we need now is some Wave lift and lenticular clouds :smiley:



What about volcanoes? :speak_no_evil:


I am a glider an paraglider pilot. Thermals still not bad in the sim, but at the end i am afraid it can not represent thermals as in real life. And, i fly real life most and very rare in the sim for sure.


Im still getting no turbulence in clouds.
Or…there might be a slight improvement - got some light chops in my mighty C172 - live WX inside some clouds - realistic turbulence setting.
Searched around the globe for thunderstorms etc, went to Asia, S.America, US. Entered the most severe WX in the world at that time: some light chops or completely steady.
Also tried the Storm preset WX - same result: mostly no turbulence.
Im nowhere near getting the results Sebastian showed in the Q&A. Seemed like he had to set some extreme values in the preset to force turbulence.

LiveWX is still dumbed down - really really dont understand how some can say there is too much turbulence…
The mechanical turbulence seems pretty good though - but it always seems to calm down below 200ft(?).
Thermals I leave for the glider boys and girls;)
This definately needs some work, although there might have been a tiny improvement.


They were mentioned… if you just change everything that was asked:

''thank you to everyone who put feedback into the forum about thermals, I think just one overall question from them is: ‘‘are there more planned thermal updates in the future?’’


what was actually asked:

  • Will SU12 or later SUs incorporate significant thermal model changes as described in official Gliders Overview stream by Marten from Flight Sim studio AG?

  • How thermals currently relate to cloud position?

  • Cloud turbulence was supposed to be a part of SU12 update. Will it get added?

…everything with over 30, 40 votes, how can you summarize all that to: are there any updates in the future??? :joy: :joy:

But yeah the question with 14 votes about a windsock got picked, because an admin asked it. :man_shrugging:

Like I said, I wish we could have a seperate Q&A with Marten, he would give us much more usefull answers / he would actually answer the questions.


Thermals are almost non existing after sim update 12 i use to soar in Gibratar daily i could
hang there from sun up to sun down no thermals at all there now.

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Also a rl glider pilot and sim pilot for many years and do no agree with this capitulation to mediocrity. Even Condor with their tiny team managed more realistic thermal modeling for soaring. It’s not a stretch to expect a monster budgeted flagship project like this with dedicated teams can manage something comparable to what 2-3 guys did 20 years ago in their spare time. As is, soaring weather, particularly thermals in MSFS are far below the standard set even by Condor 1. Condor 2 has even better thermals than that plus wave and ridge and came out 2 years before MSFS