Thermals, Up & Downdrafts - Realism Update/ Remove Limitations

Interesting that thing you/they say about “natural visualisation”. I remember from back in the days I was flying gliders that the most prolific such visualisation were those big fluffy white things… Maybe sometimes the odd hawk or kite - but you mostly only spot them when you’re in the thermal with them already. And certainly never grass (they should give us better control over the grass growing on the ground before they want to make it fly :smiley:)

On a related note: Someone just resurrected my historic thread where some of this was already discussed in depth. So for completeness’ sake:

What I don’t understand, we are going from last years statement:

  • ‘‘We gonna roll out a few updates and reduce the limitations’’

to a year later:

  • ‘‘there is a limit I believe it’s somewhere around 500fpm, we gonna work on that later’’.

It seems like they actually don’t know what kind of limitations they have implemented to a point where they don’t even care anymore.
Also what does have a 3rd party glider devolper to do with the core weather aerodynamic feature limitations ?

It’s getting more weird and disappointing with every interview.


Boy, that thread was shut down quickly. I love watching landings on Youtube…how the airplane rocks, sometimes on final and floats, the pilot working to keep the airplane level over the runway. Here’s a good example from Steveo flying a TBM940. Notice how the airplane looks like it’s floating all the way down. My point is this: air moves. Just like water. It’s constantly in motion. Even in a fairly steady, light wind it varies 20-60 degrees and by 2-3 knots either side of the published speed. In gusty conditions, like in the video, it’s much more prominent. That’s, truly, what I would love to see.



Even if I did try positively to raise this vote as well by opening a new topic, apparently it goes against the rule of this forum which don’t allow to ask for other votes via a topic which I didn’t know so that it wasn’t productive as hoped…

I tried to help raising our voices but I failed, I’m sorry about that (not the end of the world) :wink:

Knowing that there is no sign that Asobo will do something to make Turb in CB/TS in a realistic way as it’s supposed to be I just gave up and just uninstalled MF2020 to avoid more frustration which is positive to do, I still have my Xplane that deals with Turb/CB/TS when it comes to Active Sky so it’s ok and I have then more space for my ortho scenery. I will install MF2020 back once I will consider that it gets close to reality… and will check the forum from time to time to see if there’s something around.

Happy Flyings … anyways!

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Actually it helped a lot, +11 votes straight after your topic link creation and we are almost in the top 50 :sweat_smile: but yeah it’s not allowed to link any wishlist topic and ask for votes, I didn’t know that as well.

I also didn’t touched MSFS for a while now, it’s too boring, knowing that all the aerodynamic fundamentals are dumped down.


I think this is one of the more interesting interview parts

(thermals on flat terrain, temperature based) 27.01.21

which is related to this:

but yeah, like we all know, still badly limited :neutral_face:

looking forward to the glider development partner introduction, then we maybe get a few more updates on this topic .

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Just catching up here - even though he was asked about thermals, Seb’s answer in the Dev Update was entirely about ridge lift - it seems like there isn’t a good understanding of the difference between the two. On a positive note it sounds like the ‘gliding partner’ will also have input on the weather model which is great.

The Madolo+B21 AS33 glider has a carefully calibrated Netto vario - if you watch that video you can see there’s no lift over the flat land, but the vario jumps into life anywhere the wind is blowing over the hills.

IMHO actually flying an aircraft with a properly calibrated netto vario is the ultimate test of the lift in the sim - I think even Asobo is talking from what their sim dev tools tell them but they’ve never had/flown a suitably instrumented plane.


I second that 100% !!!


It’s already in the issue voting thread located here if you want to vote on that too. No wind gusts regardless of how gust sliders are set. No data displayed in the "Wind Graph". Broken for PC and Xbox! - #60 by PiggyOinker

I linked this thread in that thread and think wind gusts is important too in a flightsimulator. Hope you want to vote.


I add my voice to the OP about ridge and clouds drafts. It was a strong point to buy the sim for me when it was announced in the first aerodynamics video and it is disappointing to see it dumbed to a minimum.

Newbies are not dumb, if you explain them the real thing, they will enjoy the challenge.

So bring this important bit of realism back !


I am in favour of as much realism as possible.


Only allow people to enable realistic turbulence if they also have DAMAGE DETECTION ENABLED

We do not need hundreds of videos of silly gits flying through thunderstorms getting tossed about like a ping pong ball and bouncing off things with damage disabled.


Over 300 votes, thank you so much guys!

We should be in the top 50 for the next dev update.

Finally we gonna get at least some kind of status update for that topic, after one year of disappointing interview statements with no real informations.

I’m betting: Started/2022
Because it’s gonna be linked with the glider release. But who knows, if we are super lucky we gonna see some updates before the end of the year. It’s been a long time since they first said they gonna reduce the limitations.


Thats great! Hope that they just make it so we can adjust the limit how we want it and for those others who don’t want real thermals just switch it off in assistance options or realism settings.


They didn’t include this in the dev update. Thought this had more votes than both wu europe and open doors

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That is really weird. This thread was at place 47/48 for the last few days, is still ahead and they ignore it completely.

It took a lot of work to get it where it’s at, we never got an real answer in so many Q&A’s and now they don’t even list it… very disappointing :frowning:


Dissapointed about the preliminary fixlist they posted too. No fix of weather. Not one. Wind is the most important thing in a flightsimulator. Graphics should allways come behind that in the priority i think.


Yeah and it’s not even a real wish in that way. They said it themselves “we introduced these limitations because of this and that, but we gonna reduce these limitations” That was one year ago.

And in the last q&a the answer was like they don’t even know about that stuff anymore. And now they ignore it completely in the dev update.

I feel like the glider release next year is the only chance we gonna hear about that topic, which is sad…

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Yes, i think so too. I’m just so dissapointed right now i don’t know what to write.

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Patiently waiting to see what thy come up with . hope they announce the partner soon .
I’m all for a thermal setting that only includes when damage settings on realistic .

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not sure what you guys are disappointed in , we dont have realistic in any other sim. condor2 maybe close but I dont feel like i’m in condor when I do a task in my own glider :smiley: