These new planes are useless

I know this is going to sound harsh, but the performance on these planes leave a lot to be desired even after the update.

Selected the 700 series of these planes and selected my airports and clicked on fly, went to the aircraft… it made a few noises.

I accidentally zoomed in all the way to the windshield and the game locked up solid… it wasn’t a memory peak out, because I looked at the system performance… but my F drive where this game is located was maxed out reading.

so something is wrong, this does not happen on any of the other aircraft, only on these.

The thing that makes me angry. is I paid good money to download these planes and they basically don’t work.


What new planes are you talking about?


The bombardier CRJ550ER and the CRJ 700 ER…

These planes work perfectly well and are a lot of fun to fly.
Only, they are ‚study level‘. There is a steep learning curve before flying.
You find lots of documentation with the planes, hundreds of pages of PDFs. And there are excellent videos on YT, e.g. search for ‚the dude‘ and crj tutorial.


Don’t work huh. So it’s kind of odd that so many of us fly it multiple times a day almost every day eh.

I wonder what we’re doing wrong? Whatever it is, I hope we keep doing it.


I suppose your F drive is a spinning hard drive? I used to install my msfs on the large enough drive in my computer which was a WD black 7200rpm, and once a while in flight it froze for quite a while before working even in default aircrafts… a week ago I bought a $99 Samsung 1tb 870evo and reinstall and the problem was gone


The CRJ flys like a dream. Really a pleasure and great fps.


Currently, for me, the Aerosoft CRJ is the best aircraft to fly. Without doubt the smoothest and easiest on FPS. That being said it doesn’t mean it’s the easiest to fly and you have to be prepared to invest time in understanding at least some fundamental basics. Once you do you’ll be well rewarded.


You do realize that you need an SSD for MFS right ?

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And lots of ram!

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Sorry @k8cpachuck but is from 16 of march that I fly the Aerosoft and is the better and complete liner in MSFS.
EVERY button and system is operative and require a little bit of time for reading manuals and for watching videos.
Also use of checklist is suggested.
Sure it is not a plane where You seat, turn the key and go.
And in Aerosoft forum You’ll find some suggestions directly from the developers.
Good luck.


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Bearing in mind that MSFS is - at least notionally - a simulator rather than a game, I suspect you are trying to run [as it were] rather than walk, first.

But don’t let the sarcasm from some of our more …‘experienced’ simmers put you off!
If you stick at it, read a few manuals, learn the systems and learn to ‘fly’, flight simming will
pay you back in spades.

Good luck.


I suggest you make a refund and better play the default airplanes first.

Aerosoft CRJ is a study level aircraft addon and as you can see from the comments, it works well and smooth.

As is the title of this thread.