They fixed the rivers' synthetic paths!

Great to see the ugly “maps” rivers’ paths have been finally removed, we went from this:

to this:

Sorry, not the same place but that river, among lots of others, had these lines along it. Now all rivers I have seen look great and beautiful!


Nice! It’s getting better all the time.


yeah, little big things actually!

I would also swear, rivers look more refined and “round” like the edges were smoothed somehow. All I have seen so far look amazing!. Great improvement.

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All we need now is to have flowing tides, so we have high and low tide too!

Take a look at the Panama Canal and surrounding rivers, lots of work left to do there!

Which is a shame because I’d like to organise a community fly-in event there some time.

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Now, I’d like for them to create wakes for the water when flying the A5 or any water aircraft. I also think you could skip your bush tires across the surface to decrease airspeed.

I filed a Zendesk request for this yesterday.


Great improvement!
Shows how Asobo are committed to improving the sim.

Which airport is shown in the second pic? Seems ideal for landing on water instead of on the runway in the case of a strong crosswind or lack of pilot skills.

Please make compare with same place.

Here is one that you haven’t seen that is not fixed.

Of course they are not fixed. It’s just other river. Lot’s of rivers it same state. Possible author fly over hand created river edge.

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The airport is in the south of Spain, “la axarquia” (LEAX), and yeah, it seems designed to practice water landings too :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Well, guess the world is very big so not all rivers are fixed (nor all of them will probably ever be) but I have seen several of them that have been fixed, thats for sure.

To OP: go back and fly at the same place in the before picture to see if they actually fixed something.

Found an old pic in almost the same place:

As you can see, before, there was an artificial path going along the river, now is it is not there anymore.

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I still see a path there.

As I said, that was the OLD pic, to compare with the one new I posted in the first post.

Anyway, here is a better comparison:




If the raw material is too poor (sat pictures oder height data), then … there is nothing to fix.
In these cases the AI can just guess where the river is and you can’t expect a proper riverbed e.g. :blue_heart:

Okay now I see the difference. I’m glad they fixed that. Hopefully they can fix the LOD soon too

Yeah. They’ve definitely fixed the rivers.

You might read the title of the thread again: “They fixed the rivers’ synthetic paths!”