They killed the advantage of STEAM without telling us before

The biggest advanate of STEAM was having all games in on place and always up to date.
Now STEAM is just used to start the launcher and all installation and updates via the MSFS launcher.
A big let down… why didn`t you tell us before?


Some are games are just that way, I think Red Dead is that way too, I think they just wanted to make sure that it appealed to the Steam crowd that prefer not to use the MS Store.



Same with Elite Dangerous so no issue for me, if I see there’s an update available I’ll just start the launcher…simple.


I was wondering this since they announced it was available on steam. Oh well, I will still save tax by buying it on steam. That’s Canada’s advantage. :grin:

Maybe they had to take this route because of the in game marketplace. Just look whats going on with Fortnite removed from Apple and Google’s stores. Epic Games, violated their guidelines by announcing a way for players to buy in-game currency without using Apple and Google’s proprietary payment systems.

Maybe steam has some sort of proprietary payment system for in app purchases to?

It was a bit misleading and they totally missed out on the ability for Steam to download to a very large user base very easily and fast and the reason I have Steam.


They’ve said since they announced it would be available on Steam that it would download the installer and the content would come from Microsoft’s own system.

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For modern triple A titles it’s absolutely normal today. I think that the majority of games I bought recently not from an original developer are working this way. I think this practice is popular for the last 2-3 years.
From what I understood, on MSFS it was even needed so Steam flyers can fly with those who bought it directly on MS.

Are the game folders more easily accessible on the steam version? This was one of the reasons I want to go with Steam as I heard that the MS store app folders are hidden which makes any kind of modding more difficult. Would be great if anyone can check if you can access these folders in Steam?

They are the same, because installation is the same. That was the point of my topic.
Anyway afaik modding files is prohibited anda afaik not possible as it was in FSX.

Actually, they did tell us during one of their streams that Steam was only going to be running the installer and everything else handled by their installer. They had a name for it but cant remember what it was.


Every single game that come from publishers with their own store/launcher works this way, be it EA, Ubisoft, Rockstar Games etc. If this surprises you, then i’m sorry to say, but it can only be because of your own lack of knowledge of how Steam works in this regard…


On Steam forums someone told me that the core content/launcher (the 1 GB) resides in a “normal” Steam folder instead of the UWP WindowsApps folder.

The 90+ GB game content itself is still (like in MS Store) in a normal separate directory (inside AppData in user profile as default).

So it seems to be easier to access on Steam?

I bought on Steam because I wanted to take advantage of throttling my download so I’m not using 100% during the day (it’s going to take a couple of days to download for me), but after downloading just the installer from Steam you loose this benefit.

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all the major AAA Titles that have recently gone to Steam and those that have been on steam just use the launchers which point to the respective game and its content.

EA, Rockstar, Gaijin, War Gaming… Destiny, a MS Published Title has operated this way for awhile now.

a whole bunch of them operate this way.

this is nothing new and should have been researched beforehand

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The biggest advantage to me is the ability to backup and restore games, no fuss, no muss. You cannot do that with the Windows store software. You are forced to reinstall from scratch every time. I do not want to have to do that with a 100+ gb game like MSFS2020 on my slow 24 Mbs internet connection. Hopefully, it doesn’t just backup the launcher in Steam.

not true if you move your Windows Apps folder to a non-os based drive. it will reacquire the games once you point the folder to the new location if a OS Scrub occurs.


It’s called the “Slow as ■■■■ launcher”

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I read on a post that microsoft would give you a refund if you repurchased on Steam. Not true. I was told that once I downloaded the game no refund could be given. When they were advertising the product I wish I had know Steam would be offering it.

As an aside the customer service on microsoft is poor… you cannot talk on the phone with anyone and the chat system is a nightmare. They charge you one dollar just to chat and the info they provide is just giving you links to pursue or trying to charge you $36 to access your computer. After leaving the chat I keep getting emails asking me to give them a question. Customer 0 Microsoft 100.

May I add my view as well, please. Releasing the game on Steam did not add any value as the download of the game took place within the simulator and not Steam. Steam has an excellent back up and restore function which I can not utilize for Flight Simulator as the bulk installed outside Steam/Steamapps/Common/ Therefore should my hard drive break I will have to download the massive 92 GB again which took 54 hours at my internet speed. Does anyone know how to back up the Game?

Dumb question… if i have the steam install, can I do a direct client download from Microsoft and use my XBOX account to validate my license? Like…could I install it this way on another PC without steam? Or do I always have to launch from steam because thats where I bought it?