"Thin client" and more streaming - please remember those of us with poor connections!

Well I hope their servers are up for the task then.

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That’s the main bone of contention here. Users are getting bandwidth issues right now. If that situation isn’t resolved, then MSFS 2024 is going to be a nightmare for some users. The idea of the sim taking too long to start for some right now won’t be changed one iota if the network can’t keep up.

I would suggest that for any users that are concerned about this, ask your questions on the Community Playfab website.

I tried, and my questions wasn’t even allowed to be posted. If enough users post, maybe that will further highlight how serious an issue this is, which will only get worse once 2024 is released.

Just a reminder to be respectful, use facts and not hyperbole, when laying out your query.

Devil’s Advocate, with the announced intended changes to how textures are streamed, it theoretically should also be reducing a significant amount of the current load on the servers.


Ah, I hadn’t read that, or don’t remember it. So they have a way of reducing the streamed Bing data?

I wonder where that leaves modders, if the planes are also going to be streamed. I assume purchases can still be local if you wish it?

So right now, say you have a PG city 50 miles away and it only needs to load like a 128x128 mip map level texture, but the base texture is 8K. Currently it will stream you the 128x128 texture, 256x256,512x512,1024x1024, 2048x2048,4K, and 8K textures and then just locally decide to only use the 128x128. In FS2024 it will just stream you the 128x128 because that’s all you need.


But will change as you get closer. So you would eventually get all those levels, but individually as needed, rather than in a big lump whether you need them or not. So all the textures to your left, and right side, can remain at that lower detail level, while the ones up front will progressively load in at higher LOD’s and the ones behind will retreat to lower LOD’s. I can see some benefits with that, but the network has to keep up with that constant shuffling of data.

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Yep, and the state of MSFS/Azure servers isn’t great. If that part doesn’t change, it won’t be just a Slow Download Speed Megathread. It will be a can’t play megathread. They can’t dish it out, not at this time. Don’t know where the problem lies. I’m no tech. But I understand that currently, we could have a TB/s connection and it wouldnt matter. Hope they get a handle on that.

One of the highest density of users is the UK for MSFS. Just look at all the airports and addons that are released for the UK. I don’t understand how there are so many users that can’t use the simulator now due to internet. And I don’t understand what is being asked that they do.

I also dont understand that if it is impossible to stream Netflix in the UK, why it is even offered as a service then. If things are actually as impossible as you say, then what are these other UK customers of MSFS and Netflix doing? I would suggest talking to one of them to determine how they resolved the situation.

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Ah the infamous SU5 pop-in issue all over again.

No, these texture will never load\show as they don’t show atm but still loaded useless in the memory, can creating crash and lower performance. Also the stream allow Asobo to have more contents instead of fixed locally. The LOD have nothing to do with the texture size, it’s rendering tech.

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For those living out in the sticks, how about an option to submit flight plans in advance and have it download all the necessary meshes and textures for the whole flight before takeoff?

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