Things I would like to see in game- also Co-Pilot fixed

Some times I stream and need the co-pilot so i can type and describe things on tours. Like on the navajo reservation which land is very accurate, minus some missing landing strips that are just dirt and are actually paved in real life.

  1. A google map system with town names, roads ect in the area you are flying, separate from planes.

  2. Point to point marking of manual flights. Where I can drop markers to fly to from oen main area to another. One the co pilot can follow.


The co pilot can not land. Maybe once and awhile i will. But in mid to larger planes once on final approach it always seems to land left or right of strip. You have to fast turn it off and get on track. Clearly they did not market landing strips correctly for it.

Adjustments to larger planes. While the small act right over mountains with updrafts, others do not.

Easier mapping of airbrakes and reverse acceleration on larger planes, I can’t get flaps linked to the throttle quadrants on saitek units, and no way to set reverse engines.