Things need to change (constructive/no rant)

First of all, I am and have been, since day one, a supporter and believer in this project. This won’t change, I still believe in Jörg and Asobo, I still believe that this will be the best sim out there, but there are a few things I want to say and there’s one particular thing that I want clarification on, and it’s an important one. Of course I don’t wanna repeat the same complaints about the recent update, that’s broadly covered already, and there are enough threads about that.

All that said, though, after this update, my ever so unshakeable trust in the team changed to a question mark in certain areas, which leads to request number one below.

Request 1:
Please, Microsoft and Asobo, if technically feasible, change or completely redesign the entire updating process, this can be added to the snapshot if that’s possible and others want to see that as well. This isn’t the first time the updating process has created unnecessary issues, frustration and criticism. While I personally have been spared of any updating issues, whatsoever, many of my fellow simmers have not, and this is acceptable for a certain while, in my opinion, but we are a year later, and while I understand that there are time constraints, this needs to be an ABSOLUTE priority moving forward, this is not acceptable anymore in this form, and we need to do better.

In short: we need a much better and much more reliable updating process, preferably, ENTIRELY IN-SIM (again, if technically possible) I believe much of the recent explosion in negativity, stems from the fact that such a vital part of the development process is still unchanged/not improved for an entire year, and it’s not the only thing that isn’t. All those small factors, add up to one big bubble of frustration, and that needs to change. I write this with all the respect in mind for the development team and Jörg, I’m absolutely sure your job isn’t an easy one, but you have the power to change this, no question.

Point 2:
If possible, at some point, I’d love to see a clarification and FULL transparency about where this sim is headed, regarding PC, in the future. I know, that right now is not the moment for panic or deep concern, but I, like many other PC simmers, am questioning certain design decisions regarding recent changes, that up to SU4 have been completely different and pointed into a completely different direction. Those changes have sown uncertainty and question marks at the very least, so it’s very important to have transparency as soon as possible. How Jörg will communicate that is not important. Important is, that those changes and the direction the sim is taking in regards to the PC, are clearly communicated without any open question marks, that will also reduce the negativity in the forum and will give everybody a chance to make important decisions regarding the future of this sim.

We desperately need two big steps forward, without one backwards. I understand these are the early days yet, and time is a luxury that Asobo doesn’t have, but we have to start doing better, overall. If necessary, Jörg and Asobo, stop releasing updates in the frequency that we are used to, but take more time to test, implement and correct things that aren’t working correctly. SU4 was a real gem, things started to take shape and lay a great foundation for even greater things to come, the sim looked better than ever before and smoothness was already pretty good. What happened after that doesn’t need to be told again, but it’s important to understand my point here. We have to stop taking two steps forward, while taking one backwards, with each an every sim update. I’m confident that this can be improved. What the community needs most, right now, after a turbulent year that didn’t end on a high, is to see real, clean progress, without ANY negative connotations or new problems introduced, or at the very least, just minor bugs and things that aren’t noticeable every minute of your simming.

There are more things to discuss, but those three points are really important to me, and I know they are to other simmers as well. I don’t write this in an angry or frustrated way, but right now I really feel that the things mentioned need to start changing, now is a good point in time for that. I believe in this sim, and I want nothing more than for it to succeed and be the best sim it can be. Godspeed, Asobo! You got this!


To be honest, points 1 and 3 have never really bothered me in the past as I’ve always been in the “if we can give the devs space to do their work, we’ll get there” camp.
Point 2 however has seriously got me questioning whether I still believe this.

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I don’t envy Asobo. While they deserve every award in the book for what they have achieved with MSFS 2020 (truly a landmark in flight sim development, IMO), they have created a rod for their back. The sheer scope of this project almost defies any rational attempt to manage it and there are always going to be bugs. This is the very definition of a game that will never be finished; a constant work-in-progress.

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It’s impressive, but suffers from being a cobble of several different codebases. It really needs a solid session of fixing bugs and making things work.

They created the hype with lies. Do you remember how the sim looked when they showed it up back last year? How much of an advertisement was the live weather feature? The accuracy of the sim aerodynamics? And in the end, what do we have right now? We are still playing a BETA and that would be fine if they said so. They sold this expensive unfinished product and now they need to deal with their customers that were lied to.

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Thanks for the passion… We all share it and believe… this will one day be the sim of choice.

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