Things not working is really getting old -- like Pilot2ATC for example

I could go on about how much was spent just to own MSFS in the first place, and how much I’ve really enjoyed my paid-for beta participation.

My voice audio (atc, atis, etc) has failed numerous attempts and numerous posts here and elsewhere. I figured I’d just accept it and move on to something like Pilot2ATC. Downloaded, installed, updated and every weather station says “weather is not available”. Somewhere in the massively complicated configuration dialog there is a setting about which weather source and then which folder (???) I have no clue man. I’m so glad I didn’t pay for this.

I guess I’m in the wrong century, but is it really asking so much for stuff to just work?

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Did you post in the official P2A forums? Dave is always on there and responds fairly quickly.


In the config menu on one of the pages right at the top, the weather page I think, the weather needs to be Noaa as in Msfs fsuipc does not read the weather.

Try that.

Pilot2atc does look complicated but after using for a couple of hours it significantly shrinks in complexity, but you do have to put a bit of work in to it to reap the benefits.

Was on trial day 5, and bought it yestoday. Have added a whole new level to the sim for me. The flight planner fx is actually really nice.


Pilot2ATC very clearly warns you it’s feature rich and complex and recommends you read the manual first.

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Spent quite a long time reviewing pilot/ATC programmes and thought Pilot2ATC looked the best. I’m trying to find a more realistic ATC interface that I can use whilst helping a young friend with an educational project, but there looks to be quite a steep learning curve and we don’t have the time to learn something else new.

However, unless MS/Asobo come up with something better for the in-game ATC, I’ll certainly be looking to use it as I did enjoy the videos.

Indeed it did, and indeed, I did. I still can’t find anywhere in the 5 manuals (the actual number) where it delves into the need for defining a weather source. Maybe it’s there, but you see I ran out of time yesterday when trying to find it. Literally. So no flying for me yet again yesterday.

Now add to this, weather or not, I still don’t hear atc voices either. I’m all for sophisticated tools, but a quick start guide should still be just that. If the basic function of the tool is to put a voice to ATC interactions, it shouldn’t require a forensics team to get to that information. I just want to hear my atc voices, and it’s incredibly frustrating that for the big dollars we spend on both the core app and its addons, I have to spend the one hour a day I get for this (most days), on core functionality like getting voices to work. Which should have worked back in 2020.

I do appreciate everyone’s feedback here, however. I’ll try the suggestion above and report back.

I have P2ATC and Dave is a really helpful guy, I had an issue with it after adding some HW to my PC, he answered within 30mins and the issue was sorted.

It is complex but I think its worth it if you don’t want to use VATSIM etc I think its a great product with superb support (in some ways, rare these days!).

I’ll do that, thanks.

I would like to use VATSIM, but my daily allowance of time, and the interruptions that invariably happen, would probably get me kicked off in no time.

I use P2ATC all the time and it works well.
MSFS has no api for weather, so you must fly with Live Weather and select NOAA in the WX.

Said that, it is really rare to see any discrepancies between the two.
Not that I am comparing all the time, but the tower assigns QHN, gives me temperature and wind headings and they closely match the live weather in MSFS.

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Pilot2ATC is one of the best add-ons I’ve purchased for the sim. It’s complicated at first, but as someone already said, it gets much less complicated as you go. It’s absolutely great to have so many options to tweak the experience to your liking.

As for weather, go to Config>WX and set to NOAA. Then choose Live WX in the sim and you’re good to go.

In what century did stuff “just work?”


If MSFS do get around to do a more advanced ATC simulation, that would entail pretty much the same learning curve as P2A or for a real life pilot for that matter.

For me one of the of the key elements of flightsimming is the study part, learning and mastering new things.
Just flying around enjoying the scenery quickly becomes boring. I do enjoy reading manuals and I have a printed POH for each plane I fly regularly.
I do appreciate that not everyone is like that but P2A does not hide the fact there is a learning curve involved.


P2A isn’t perfect by any means. It has its own set of shortcomings and quirks. But it’s light years ahead of the default sim ATC in most areas.


Sim Weather does not work in MSFS because it doesn’t export the weather. Your choices are basically NOAA or Rex.


Those are my setting and have been for the last 6 weeks I’ve been using P2ATC. Seems to work for me. I’ve yet to be directed to take off or land on the wrong runway based on the sim wind conditions.

The dev says right there it doesn’t work, so :man_shrugging:t3:

I don’t know what to say. Those are my settings as posted above. And I get ATIS that matches weather in the sim perfectly. It’s far more accurate than what I hear from ATIS using the sim ATC.

Will try this out tomorrow.


20th. Buy a toaster, it toasted. For 20 years.

Like I said, wrong century.

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So today, I tried again, setting back to NOAA weather. I hear weather. No changes. Just started.

Now if I can just figure out how to get the thing to talk to me…