Thinking about Hotas

Currently using a simple thrust master flight stick on my left with Mouse and Keyboard right, I can’t imagine not having my mouse on the right.
No hotas systems have throttle on the right so I’d need to move mouse left with stick right side and throttle left.
My question is, do hotas handle mouse look well with the controls on the throttle so I’d not miss the mouse or do I need to find another solution ?

Also should say I have Track IR but don’t like it.
Nothing wrong with it I’m just to shifty.

It depends what hotas you get.

The Virpil CM3 throttle has an analogue X/y axis stick with push on it (like a console controller) which you could maybe use like that.

The Virpil Constellation Alpha grip also has an analogue stick with push and a mouse scroll wheel with 2 stage push which is very handy for zoom.

I do use both sticks for drone camera control but I also have TrackIR so I am not dependent on these controls to look around.

I bind the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in quite a few Sims. It is actually excellent for this. I did bind the scroll push as a “return to neutral view” but actually I prefer this to be on the pinkie switch as having the different functions under different fingers is easier in dogfights.

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