Thinking of buying but have Q's

I have been reading this board for a few months. I see a lot of bug reports. Does anyone have a % or a number of people that have no problems with the software? I’m looking at the deluxe version. I did have x box for pc for a month but I could not download some simple games to try. They do not have any type of support. If I did buy from Steam I would just have to have an account but use steam and never go to the x box site for anything? I fly offline without any ATC in X plane 11. Can ATC be turned off? I want to fly slow and low. No flight plan and land anywhere at any time using GA planes. Is this possible? Or is it more structured?

I doubt anybody can give you the percentages you speak of, but it is by no means a perfect release. Of course, what you read on the forums will always be the vocal minority and may not be reflective of the overall state of the simulator.

You can disable ATC voices and subtitles, therefore “ignoring it”, and fly what you like, where you like and how you like. The simulator is yours to make of it what you will.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


I had no problems installing or running the sim. Compared to the release of FSX, this is substantially better already. I can’t answer your Steam question, MS Store for me (I recommend that). ATC does not need to be used. Yup, no flight plan needed.


Right now, you’ll be paying full price for an early-access product. If money is no object for you, go for it. If I knew what I know now about this game, I wouldn’t have bought it. I would have waited a year/year and a half and picked it up during one of Steam’s sales for less money for a title that will be actually release worthy.

Translation: You’ll be able to pay less for a better product down the road.

It really depends on your own internal I-want-it-now factor, and any money considerations you might have.

Frankly for what you get it is amazingly good value for money. It will be perfect for what you want to do with it. I took off this morning from a local airstrip and landed on my daughter’s school playing field just to see if I coud stop in time before crashing into the school buildings. Worked a treat and it was a lovely early morning flight as the real weather here in the South of England is glorious today. There seems to be most issues with the big airliners and ILS etc - that should not effect you at all. Buy it Now, You will love it.



Worth the money - plenty to keep you occupied, especially with GA planes.

Steam - you will still need an X-Box/MS account, but don’t need to go to the site after, and you’re on the forums so may already half way there.

Its great for VFR flying.