Thinking to upgrade VR Headset in 2022

Greetings guys!

I am thinking about upgrading my VR Headset, been with the Oculus CV1 for quite a few years, changed me computer this summer and thinking about changing VR as well, i grabbed MSFS 2 weeks ago or so after a long wait, been in FSX for a few years back then, then DCS, but recently i am more enjoying MSFS,

So long story short, it will mainly be for flight Sims, specialy for MSFS with it’S wow factor of the environment etc…

I been doing a few reading, was thinking about the HP Reverb G2. What would you guys suggest at per 2022 as time we are right now, and please, no ‘keep your money for upcoming xx time new xx VR Headset’.

I want something now, that i can benefits for my actual system, not something that will be new and required me to run on minimal settings as it is new. I want something, sharper, cleaner, better than the CV1, worth it and i can run decent according to my system specs.

For the Reverb lots of comments, well anyways comments are very different and sadly lots are years olds, but main argument that make me wonder is, the heating a lot, the sweet spot i guess i can live with, but how comfortable it is and if it is heating a lot for everyone, note that i will also grab glasses from widmovr as i have on my CV1.

Also wondering if going with a more recent Headset will help having better quality versus performance. As the Reverb G2 is on sale 26% off on HP Canada now, not much but still close to a few hundreeds less.

My system:
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
32 GB 3600 MHz RAM
Nvidia RTX 3090
Using SSDs of course.


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I’ve got a 3080 and a quest 2, I’m gonna upgrade to reverb G2… Otherwise you have to go up to a pimax to get something better and that’s big bucks.

yeah was also thinking about it, but my guess is, i might wait till it drops a bit even though i can afford, but if i can get something a bit cheaper to replace the aging CV1, also not sure how much the Pimax, i rather have less details and smooth than pay big bucks for something i need to drop settings to have it smooth, in other words i do not wanna pay for a Ferrari if i can only drive 50 mph. Since it seems Quest 2 are still better than CV1, and G2 better than Quest 2, i guess i will notice something better?

Consider a Reverb G2, Quest 2, Pico 4, Pimax 8KX or Varjo Aero. All have strengths and weaknesses and suit different budgets, I’ve owned all apart from the Pico. At the moment I use msfs with a Pimax 8KX, I prefer it because of the fov. Here’s a video comparing the fov of the 8KX with that of the other hmd’s.

will check this out thanks, sadly, Widmo Vr seems not to make adapters for glasses and sadly i cannot wear contact lenses, so i am also limited to that, darn getting old eyes :slight_smile: How comfortable do you find the G2 and compared to a Rift CV1, think it is worth the upgrade? Does the G2 v2 still heat as much as people are saying?

I found the G2 comfortable. It’s been a while since I used a CV1, iirc I found that comfy too.
I never had any problem with heat when using a G2.

Been using the G2 since when it came out.
Running on 570 dark hero board. This was in the beginning a bit tricky but when the bios updates and the new cable from HP got in, never had any issues at all anymore.
I can truly recommend, for sure with the price tag it goes for.
In regard to the heat. No, it is not hot but with a 2 hour flight it is warm for sure but still rather comfy though.

Thanks for the reply. As the more i read the more lost i am, G2 comes the most recommended for Flight Sims, but reading on it makes me just incertain, but again some post are old, but the msot that came out from the G2 were:

1- Sweet Spot, specialy looking down, pretty bad, it can quikcly gets worst than CV1 when looking around and seems people recommend more moving your head around rather than the eyes only.
2a- Heating
2b- doesn’t turn off versus CV1 that when not using it is off, so G2 heats quitea bit.
3- Fragile Cable
4- seems to be tricky with AMD stuff, so wondering as my CPU is AMD.

I’ve had a CV1, Rift S, Quest 1 & 2, Vive Pro 2, Reverb G2, and as of today a Quest Pro, so I’m pretty well placed to give advice.

I’ve also got a similar system 10850k, 32 GB ram, 3090 set up.

Of the headsets I’ve tried I’d recommend the following three, with caveats.

  1. Quest 2 - Best all rounder and value for money. This headset has decent controllers and tracking, and is the one to buy if you want a bit of everything, standalone VR, PCVR action/roomscale titles, Half Life Alyx, Saints and Sinners etc. If you get the official USB-C link cable and ramp up the resolution to 5408 x 2736 you’ll be surprised how good this can look for PCVR. I actually preferred it to the Vive Pro 2 which cost £1400 for the full kit. It’s isn’t comfortable though, and its visuals cannot match the G2, especially for MSFS.

  2. Reverb G2. Best value headset for MSFS, This has great visuals, decent colours and really good central clarity. As you have noticed already its sweet spot is small however, things rapidly get blurry away from the centre of the screen. I’ve not had a problem with heating however. The revised cable has an off switch so you can turn it off, and I wouldn’t consider the cable fragile at all. I’m on Nvidia so can’t comment on AMD compatibility. If you buy the VRCover facial interface, it’s a lovely comfortable headset, and has really good audio, best in class.

  3. Quest Pro. This headset is rather monstrously priced so I wouldn’t recommend it just for MSFS but I have to say after a bit of a ropey start with it charging when I got it today I’m really starting to love this headset for PCVR.

The lenses are hands down the best I’ve ever used. There’s no god rays, glare or distortion and the lenses have almost true edge to edge clarity. This is the first headset I’ve ever thought good enough to watch movies or browse the web. It also has a great FOV, if you cram it close enough to your face it’s almost as wide as the Vive Pro 2 whilst having a vertical FOV similar to Quest 2, it’s very, very nice.

In standalone mode the resolution isn’t that impressive, but with the USB-C link cable I can max it out at 5408 x 2736 and it looks insanely good. It’s basically like the Reverb G2 with edge to edge clarity.
The lack of a display port and slightly lower resolution than the G2 don’t actually matter when you’re viewing inside the headset, it’s much better visually than the G2, even for MSFS, and with a much better FOV.
In the Cessna 172 I can finally see the entire cockpit in one field and view and I only need to move my eyes not my head. It looks so much better overall,

I’ve not tried the Varjo Aero, but if it has lenses like this, and the much higher resolution and display port it must look absolutely insanely good.

Personally if it’s just for MSFS I’d go G2 as it’s super affordable. The Quest 2 is a great all rounder, but if , like a lot of people you end up buying both, at that point you might just as well get the Quest Pro instead as it’s miles better than both the G2 and Quest 2.

It’s easily the best headset I’ve ever used, and the only PCVR headset I’d consider over it would be the Aero, but that’s £2700 once you’ve bought the headset, basestations and controllers, so makes the Quest Pro look pretty affordable.


Thanks for the reply Kjaye767, interesting points. I might wait for the Quest Pro til prices drops a bit, now i might do some more reading or contact HP to ask questions for the G2. Seems the issue with AMD is mainly issues with x570 Motherboards / PCI-E 4.0 and this is exactly what i have, seems there is some work around, like forcing it to 3.0 etc… but again, it is a guess to know, 1- will it work, 2- will work around works etc… Dam choices were less complicated when we only had to chooce between the CV1 and the Vive :slight_smile:

How do you find the Quest 2 besides the CV1, difference noticeable?

The CV1 visuals are absolutely terrible by modern standards. Whatever you pick you’ll be enjoying a massive step up. I’m really pleased with the Quest Pro, but I feel they will bring out another one fairly quickly with a next gen XR2 and higher resolution screen, I reckon 18 to 24 months so might be better to wait.

If MSFS is your main use case the G2 will be a huge upgrade although note it’s tracking and controllers aren’t very good.

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