Third party addons broken

I am getting tired of buying third-party add-ons that don’t work. Or that don’t work after the next addon. I think MSFS is changing so fast that developers can’t keep up with the changes. I think they give up on products to make them right because soon as they do, Microsoft makes changes and breaks things again. Why should I buy a third-party product for a broken simulator that may not look like it does today in the next year?

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If the addon was made following the recommended Asobo procedures and guidelines, the plane wont break. Yes, there might be a few small fixes needed, but nothing is going to play unplayable. If the plane is unflyable post update, well…its really not Asobos fault actually, or rarely lol


It’s developer’s responsibility to make their addons compatible with recent updates. If they refuse doing so they’re not worth your money or any kind of support and should just either bankrupt or start improving.

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this is a feature of developing content for a base simulator that’s a WIP…
as the sim changes or is modified, the content has to be modified.
A developer in this condition can realize a profit sooner than the one who waits for a stable base simulator - but has to use some of that money to keep his early product viable. Any who are unwilling to do so are not worthy of repeat business - at least for me.


Pretty much exactly the same as any other software with mods, dlc and payware. When updates are made it is up to the 3rd party to respond.

If you read the forums on a regular basis then you will soon get to know which developers you can trust to update their products and you will soon be able to form a reasonably accurate judgement of whether they are here for the long term and whether they are customer friendly. The reliable devs. always seem to update their products in my experience.

I personally won’t buy from any devs. who either do not communicate with their customers or who appear arrogant or unhelpful. I am now fairly happy that nearly all of my add ons will be supported in the near future. For my part I am also very happy to support these devs.

Just as important as the dev. though is where you actually buy the add on. I refuse to buy from the Marketplace now not because the dev. cannot keep up with sim updates but because the Marketplace cannot keep up with the speed of updates. A few of my early purchases on the Marketplace have still not been updated and are unusable at the present time.

For these reasons I find that the dev. and the place of purchase are both important in the purchase decision.


When I wrote my first entry about third-party sceneries and aircraft, I wrote in general terms, but I was flying out of KLGB made by Skyline Simulations. The scenery looks great but functions terribly. There are no taxi ribbons or taxi instructions. I have written the developers a few times begging them to fix it. I was given many excuses for it not working. Then came the final one it must be your fault nobody else has that problem. I went as far as stripping down everything and getting no taxi ribbons or taxi instructions. You know what really upsets me when a developer advertises a new project without working out the bugs of the previous project. I have another scenery PAUN that looks nice but functionally useless. All I can think of is that there is a lot of creed among some developers, and our hobby can’t Support does people. I wish you could try the scenery or plane before you purchase it then I am sure developers would take more time and effort to get it right.

I’ve never used taxi ribbons myself in MSFS. I wonder what causes them not to work?
It’s not like it’s hard to label your taxiways and make sure all the taxiways and parking spots connect. It’s quite simple really. It does, however get a little confusing sometimes at joints; when labeling, should you just pick one path through, or label all three paths?, let’s say.

Any chance you could share the names of developers you had good and bad experiences? I mostly know all the aircraft developers (so no need for that) but i’m still a bit lost regarding all that bunch of airport devs. I know to avoid deimos of course, i know aerosoft is hit and miss.

I mostly buy aircrafts and you seem to be up to speed here from what you say. At the risk of giving you info. you don’t need I will say though that I have found PMDG (DC6), Just Flight (Stearman, Piper Turbo), Orbx (Milviz Corsair) and Flying Iron Simulations (Spitfire) to be very reliable.

Having said all this I have bought some scenery add ons; Orbx Great Britain Central, Romantic Wings from Just Flight and Bijan’s 4 Seasons and Rock Islands from Simmarket. All these I am very pleased with although non were purchased as you can see from the MP and so all updates are readily available from source when there are changes in the sim. As regards Simmarket I have only bought Bijan’s add ons from there and these are great. However, I can’t make any judgement though regarding any other stuff sold on there.

With regard to the add ons I bought from the Market Place I have personally had problems (just mentioning a few here) at one time or another with Orbx London Landmarks (still can’t use it for some reason), Moscow Landmarks (can’t seem to launch Moscow flights with it activated ?? ), Carenado Mooney (don’t fly now so maybe okay) and Zinertek runways (now working great after update but wouldn’t work for a while after a sim update). I am guessing any issues I have had are probably to do with the speed of (or lack of) the MP updates and to be fair not down to the individual third parties. All this is just my own experience and other people’s mileage might vary.

I can’t give you any help on Airports unfortunately which are not particularly my ‘thing’. The freeware ‘stuff’ is easily good enough for me.


The two major developers I have problems with are:

RealWorld Scenery with PAUN. No product support.
Skyline Simulation. Problem with product support and taxi issues, as stated before.

Some others sceneries just aren’t worth the money. You can tell who is just in it for the money. I am always leary about scenery that is advertised with mostly night pictures.