Third Party Aircraft and Aerodynamics

I just watched the latest “aerodynamics” update and I’m hoping this will address the “lack” of decent aerodynamic modelling in third-party aircraft. The C150 and C172 performs spin maneuvers to the letter - wing stall and rotation as close as it could be. But for example the new WYMF5 is impossible to spin. It simply won’t and I know for a fact in real life it spins quite happily. When trying to enter a spin there is no wing stall so it wont spin naturally. Also it does not really stall either, just settles into downward mush. So either Carendo is clueless or the third-party developer SDK is somehow different. But why then is it possible to get the C150 to spin so perfectly then?

On the other hand, the PA44 made by the same Carenado stalls and spins nicely (and easily). So I guss SDK is not the bottleneck here.

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