Third Party Airports - Is there a way to Add the Global Markers if the Creators Forget?

I’m not sure what they’re called - but they’re the little target markers you see on the globe. So many third party airport builders seem to forget to add these markers, so you have to zoom all the way in before the dot turns into a marker. So unless you know where to look, you might not know you’ve installed an airport there.

Is there a way of switching on these markers in the airport files when the developer has forgotten to do so?

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No, its up to the dev to define that while creating the scenery.

With which airports do you have the issue? I have only one airport with missing marker: LOWS (Digital Design) Haven’t seen it yet with other airports.

Yesterday was driving me mad not seeing that I had to type and do a search to find it

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Would it be possible to use the SDK to create a “new” airport for the addon with the missing marker? Make the new airport with the marker but don’t add anything else? It would be an additional mod and be PC only.

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I’ve seen it happen with a lot of freeware airports. But what really bugs me is when it happens with payware stuff. I’ve had it happen with two airports I’ve got from Pearl Simulations 2 (Bora Bora and Maniitsoq Airport - he does a lot of French Polynesia stuff). It’s really annoying. I wouldn’t mind if they were freeware, but they’re payware - and not cheap either. And they’re even on the MSFS Marketplace, which adds insult to injury.

Yeah, but there has to be a way to hack them. Even if they’re coded, the files must be in the download, so the file the info is kept in would have to be adjustable with a hex editor.

Maybe you should contact and ask the dev if he can add them.
Btw: What is the quality of these addons? I’ve had the time of my life @ Tahiti, Bora Bora and Rangiroa (Tiputa Pass). Would love to fly there with good scenery to relive my memories.

Yeah, I did that. No response.

There is (as I found out later) a better Bora Bora mod. Vuelosimple’s payware one is good (although they also forgot to add the globe marker :roll_eyes:): simMarket: NTTB BORA BORA MOTU MUTE AIRPORT MSFS

I also like the freeware Bora Bora Resorts mod: Bora Bora Resorts, Over Water Huts - French Poynesia V2.0.1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

The best French Polynesia mod I’ve found is a Tetiaroa mod by Skydesigners. IIRC they stuffed up the install and it has a bug for the Parking 5 location, (hopefully they’ve fixed all that by now), but when it’s properly installed (and if you avoid starting at Parking 5) it works and looks great: simMarket: NTTE - TETIAROA AIRPORT MSFS

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Thanks a lot! I’ll have a look into these mods. I agree that it’s a bit confusing to make a good scenery (with attention to detail) and then forget the marker. Silly me: Only after 2 reinstalls (LOWS by Digital Design) and 3 reboots of MSFS i found out that it had been installed already. :roll_eyes: And it’s a beautiful airport, that deserves a marker.

LOWS is great! I used to live in Salzburg and I flew out of LOWS once.