Third party airports on the world map, without a plug icon, after SU10 update?

So far, so good with the SU10 update. No issues found yet. But I did notice one odd thing, in regards to the world map and third party airports.

Some third party airports still show up with the plug icon next to them but a few don’t. They have a yellow star but not the wrench. As an example, Flytampa Las Vegas. It shows up on the world map, just with the yellow star but no plug. But when I load a flight there, it’s definitely the Flytampa version, not the stock version. A few others are like this as well. I’m assuming these might need a small update by the third party dev’s.

Anyone else seeing this?

I think it may have to do with an entry in one of the json files, but not sure. By the way, I believe that icon might be a “plug” - as in plugin scenery. I guess it really doesn’t matter though…

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Good catch! I updated wrench to plug in my comments… :grinning:
So far, at least for me, it’s the only issue I’ve noticed with the SU10 upgrade. At least they get a gold star…And they all load and work fine…