Third Party Flight Planner recommendations?

Has anyone found a great third party flight planning software that gets around the MSFS planner limitations?

I’d like to create the complex flight plans with custom waypoints.

lilnavmap is free and best


Depends what you mean exactly by “gets around the MSFS limitations “.

Good flight planners are.

Little Nav Map - free
Sim Brief - free
Skyvector - free and US charts (STAR, SID, ILS etc).
Navigraph - monthly subscription and worldwide charts (STAR, SID, ILS etc).

Personally I use SimBrief and Navigraph because of the global charts mainly and sometimes Little NavMap. .

None of these planners fix the MSFS inherent bugs, as described here in many threads. This Asobo needs to fix, hopefully soon.

I am not a big MSFS user so I don’t have hours to spend searching for and testing add ons. My son got me into MSFS as I am more of an X plane guy but he is currently studying Aviation Science and they use MSFS . He has all these custom waypoints to input and we have spent hours and hours trying to get them to work. Thanks for the tips.

For this try LittleNav Map

Thanks wish we knew this before he started his assignment. !

Many thanks

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