Third party lights integration problem

I’m having a problem trying to integrate my lights effects in/on a third party developers plane in the Community folder. For whatever reason, in the json entry for the systems.cfg over ride, it will not over ride the developers systems.cfg. Which is strange, because I can over ride the aircraft.cfg for all of my paints to show up, but not my light effects.
If I put my systems.cfg in the developers folder the light effects show up. I don’t want it that way. I only want the lights to show up on my paint, not all the other planes. How can I do this??

Nice, no one has a clue. Waste of time to ask a question or ask for help. Sad, just sad.

Well for starters, let’s move your post into #third-party-addon-discussion:tools-utilities because this is the sub-forum for stock simulation features only.

Secondly, I’m informed that much development questions tend to get answered over on

“FSDeveloper” FSDeveloper

where even the Asobo team has presence.

Thanks for the info. This game is over complicated than it needs to be. Thanks for posting the options.