Third Party Scenery Pack - No ships or boats off Florida coast?

The Atlantic ocean off Florida’s cost is always void and dark. So I purchased both shipping scenery packs.

AI shipping traffic is at 100, the 3 packs installed and the ocean is still empty. Even off the ports around Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

All I see are what look like ship wrecks around all the docs.

Anything else I can do or are there just no ships in the sim?

Have you checked in options/traffic to make sure the boats slider is turned up?

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I have Seafront Simulations Vessels Enahnced AI and Vessels Global Shipping and fly Florida routinely and have lots of traffic.

My sliders are set to 100.

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Second flight with it they all showed up all of a sudden. Kind of like the weather. :slight_smile:

Very nice to not have pure darkness down there now.


They are all on routes. If you pause your flight in the area and then adjust your time, you’ll see different ships appear or sometimes not at all.

Much like AIG Traffic, the routes are all planned upfront and ships will be in specific parts of that route at different times. The best place to check is the straight of Gibraltar as that has traffic nearly 100% of the time passing through it.


There is a port by the FLL airport. It was neat seeing all the ships there.

Only issue I could tell was they all seemed parallel to the port entry.

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After 8 sim updates and 7 world updates…
Boats and dock are still underwater…
tropical waters and coral reefs as we see in the promos NEVER ARRIVED…
But… some payware like Bijan Islands and Ships can place over water some ships and docks… SOME!

I hope MS/Asobo can fix this in the next updates :+1:

Please stay ON TOPIC. This is not about scenery defect reporting, it is about a Third Party Scenery product. Thanks.

Thanks for confirming it’s working @Michail71. There will be even more traffic and routes in the next update too so watch this space :slight_smile:

Thanks, this is a great addition to the sim! I’d highly recommend to anyone that flys near water.

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Topic Author indicated problem solved.