This classic FS Trailer deserved a remake!


The brilliance. Tx so much for a happy smile on an already sun sparkling day.

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lol - excellent stuff!

Awesome :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

Different times, different emphasis – a less “Commercial” “Approach” ? (Forgive the 2 Puns !!)

Back in FSX days, the advertising was all about the FS Community and people enjoying a Flight Simulator … now all the advertising seems about pushing the Technical Visuals and Sales,

A different FS world …


Perfect Video WOW :grinning::+1:

I have always loved this one…


Okay, this just brought me great joy, not just for nostalgia, but because the guy at 18 seconds is my friend Greg, but I had no idea that was him in the video because I didn’t meet him till 2013. :slight_smile:

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the guy at the end always gets me

“You realize we’re in a real plane…right?”


When we look back at MSFS 2020 in 10-20 years, will there be a “Classic MSFS 2020 Video” that sums up MSFS ?

So far, it seems like there is nothing that will last the test of time, like the Iconic Videos of former versions of MSFS.


Sorry, but no hot air balloon doing barrel rolls at 420kt? Lame. XD

(A certain YouTube channel has spoiled me with FSX antics)

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Oh wow!! Does he play MSFS?
(Did he actually play FSX at the time?)

He’s a local Seattle area actor and improviser. He is a gamer, and works in the game industry, but we haven’t talked sims. I’m going to have to ask when I see him!

That’s the fun thing about being in this area and being involved in the acting community. :slight_smile: Back when I was at MS working on the Xbox website, I got a chance to do one of the FSX voiceovers. (I’m the Area 51 ATC voice.)


That’s really cool! (Both his story and yours!) I’ll have to see if I can dig up some FSX Area 51 ATC footage somewhere!

Would love to hear about Greg’s simming, if he actually does it! (And maybe you could show him this remake! :smiley:)


No way! That’s incredible! He is the star of this trailer - a true Flight Sim legend! You have to tell us his full name, does he have any presence online? LinkedIn/ Instagram? I would love to get in touch and personally thank him for getting me into flight sim all those years ago. What a great story - I can’t believe you were the voice of the Area 51 gameplay. That’s so awesome!


I still have FSX installed, so I could get you some footage if you’d like when I have a chance to record.

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That would be awesome! Admittedly, I took a break from flight simming for a few years after FSX.

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I’ll try to get a play through soon if you’d like, once I get acquainted with it again (thankfully my controller button assignments were edited to match FSX from muscle memory). Otherwise, I did find a couple of videos of it already on YouTube if you don’t mind player commentary with it.

Fantastic. :clap: Brings back memories of everyone panicking about the demo being unplayable on “modern hardware”. I think I had a PC with an AMD Athlon at the time with 256mb of RAM, the slideshow pain!