This forum software is awesome - especially on mobile with web browser

Whatever the backend application is for this forum, I’ve never had such a smooth and well performing access to a forum on mobile device before from a simple web browser and without needing a separate app from app store

Kudos - and if it’s a specific products that the dev can share or anyone knows about please let me know what it is.


Indeed it is really awesome! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::raised_hands:

This forum runs on a software called Discourse. It’s such a great modern day forum software! Really glad they’ve chosen this software to host the forum.

Sweet - thanks!

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My only complaint about it for the last few months has been that you can’t add friends! Otherwise it’s excellent.

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It’s a very pleasant experience, superb on a mobile device

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That would be an excellent feature if Discourse ever decided to add it. I know there has been some requests for this type of thing before. I could see it being very beneficial here on the MSFS forums!