This game makes me so happy, because its such an exciting foundation to build on!

I’ve seen a lot of negativity around the launch and a lot of the reasons are valid if people are having game breaking bugs or low performance, but I just wanted to express how amazing this simulator is for the future of flight swimming and aviation in general.

I’ve go over 4000 hours in XPlane, and probably close enough in Flight Simulator X, 2004 and 98. (I’m quite an avid flight simmer)

And for years we have been using simulators which feel quite dated, P3D and XPlane, even though XPlane was making some great progress in the right direction, it still felt quite a dated product if you compared it to what big studios were doing in other genres like Sim Racing.

With the release of this flight simulator its brought so much joy in my life because now I know that Flight Simming is only going to get better, with all the third party addons which will be released and all the hard work Asobo will put into it, its really going to bring Flight Simming back into the future.

I’m so grateful that Microsoft decided to renew the franchise and push it forward, even if people don’t like this sim, its generally quite good for the Flight Simming community because its going to push Laminar (X-Plane Devs) forward as-well as other competitors.

Also in the last 10-15 years there has been a big decline in the amount of new Pilots, especially in the airline industry, and this is for many factors, but i think not having a modern Flight Sim was one of them, I know a lot of pilots including myself which would have never got in a plane in real life if they didn’t have Microsoft Flight Simulator and I really hope with this game being easily accessible and eventually on Xbox its going to create a new generation of pilots to help with the increased demand.

Also due to the amount of players which will get into this hobby now its going to make 3rd Party Devs of planes gain more money and be able to grow and do more ambitious projects and perhaps eventually may reduce the cost of addons in all sims.

All in all, this game does have its issues now, but in 1-2 years time its probably the best thing which has ever happened in the last 10 years Flight Simming community.