This in 8k is beyond awesome

I mean 3x4k is less than 8k (4x4k) and im having a blast. What its done for me is become eye candy for the entire journey. I did a quick 35 min South African run and it felt like i was barely in the air.

you didn’t actually NEED a framerate did you?

But seriously. gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous

With a 3090 and top tier CPU, that’s possible - assuming you don’t have the current performance bug. For us mere mortals with more modest systems, that’s not quite in the realm of possibility yet.

The Ram speed helps massively ive found. I tweaked the ram to 16-8-19-19-32 3800mhz from 3600mhz. Heavy CPU that can swallow the massive single thread problem at the same as providing multicore performance such as 3950x like mine with a manual OC 4425Mhz CCX1/2 4250 CCX3 4300 CCX4 that way the single thread bottleneck bug is mitigated.

Ryzen loves fast RAM.

Honestly cant see a difference between 4K and 8K, but if you have the money to spend why not?

what are you using for 8k ?

That’s funny :slight_smile:

can you see a difference between full HD and 4k ??

what’s your average fps ???
If I decide for 8k, I’d go for 65 inches.

135 ppi vs 80, what I have now on 55 inches 5k

I am no computer expert (well what I know you can write on a postage stamp) Just show how advance it is, and what the future holds…

Especially if your a VR fan

it stays at 22 most of the time except for really dense clouds. Where it dives a bit until its out again.I suspect it should be better when its more optimized.

I have two cheap TCL 4k tv, 43" and 50". I found using the 43" one works better for me flying the sim at 4k, because of higher pixel per inch. With the 50" one I can easily see the individual pixel (?) on the screen at 2 feet, my preferred viewing distance. RTX 2080 Super, Ultra 90% render scaling.

Looks like real photos

yes all in 4 k . I do have to turn down the render scaling to 80 to give good FPS until this new update GRRR…but not noticeable at all. most sliders at High to ultra with a 3080 GPU. Haier 55" curved LED

This is where the difference occurs, if you want to be in the Sim 3D or just want to see a majestic visual on a big screen 2D. I want the majestic visuals in a 3D :sweat_smile:

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I have a slightly older 3D 55" 4K TV that does 3D emulation I intend to try it out over the weekend.

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5K does not look too bad either ! (5120 x 1440) 49" ultra wide screen


It looks absolutely awesome👍

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Before VR arrived my goal was always a very huge 3d Vision monitor with this ole 3D Vision Kit I’ve been using before Nvidia murdered it with a rusty hatchet!
RIP 3D VIsion

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