This in 8k is beyond awesome

Yeah I bet it looks wonderful in 8k, but I’m gonna enjoy the frames I am getting with my current setup - Ultra @5120x1440 with 3090/10900k, avg 45fps (current frame dip bug excluded).

They just had to ruin the possibility :man_facepalming:t2: I guess technology wasn’t quite there yet to implement it or was going to be to expensive for us consumers. But I really hope it’s not far off because I can only imagine what VR will look like with everything so sharp and crisp HDR quality and not look like it was filmed in the early nineties

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Keep us updated

5120x1440 isn’t 5K, it’s actually a million pixels less than 4K. I too am using 5120x1440, think I’m gonna stick with it as there are some issues if I were to go with a 55" 4K TV. One for example is my yoke/throttle/panels will block a good portion of the bottom of the screen. Then there’s the issue of having to put my speakers either in front of or behind the screen. Too many issues with my current desk setup so I’ll continue to enjoy super ultrawide.

correct, it is not true 5K. Frankly though , i find myself flying more and more in VR, even with a Rift S. It truly puts your head in 3D, inside the cockpit rather than trying to look at a 3D cockpit in 2D, even if it is a 49 inch ultra widescreen. Great for screenshots, though!

The Longitude’s cockpit in MSFS VR’s native stereoscopic 3D popping out at you is truly something to experience. A very classy professional look!
Same with Carenado’s DA62 in FSX VR…I literally just sat there for 5 minutes admiring how beautiful the perforated leather seat textures looked and came to life in VR.


i want to smell that leather! looks soooo good!

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Certainly a great time to be alive in this hobby!:beers:

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I fly in full 4K on a 28 inch monitor with my RTX 3080. Away from cities I get between 50 and 60FPS.

I’m seriously considering getting a 40 inch 4K TV for gaming. I love having a big screen. I’ve got a 4K 55 inch TV but its in my living room and I don’t use it for PC stuff. I do wonder how much 8K will take off. Whether or not thats the direction things are heading in.

The VL3 is another one with gorgeous interior in VR…those seats!:heart_eyes:

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I wonder how life will be when VR headsets allow for 8K resolution? Birth rate will go down the drain :joy:

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