This is a disaster and a real mess for Microsoft

Odd unless I’ve misunderstood. I have Saitek flight yoke working. Throttle, prop and mixture working. Trim wheel and rudder peddles all working. I do need to use spadx for radio panel but it’s no big deal and that works.
Also configured a gamepad for the drone.
The peripherals are the least of the issues I get.


Disaster, no not at all. There have been major improvements from the first alphaversions over the beta version to now. No, disaster is what’s happening down in Texas and Louisiana right now. MSFS is just a small bump on the road to the perfect simulator for us amateurs. And it seems that the developers are constantly improving the product.

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LOL - The drama! :joy: :rofl:


Simply having the control setup screen default to all, rather than assigned, would probably have avoided 75% of the complaints about unsupported devices. I’ve been playing FS for 25 years, and still made that mistake.

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Turn on developer mode and you’ll get a file menu. You can apparently change planes and locations mid flight that way.

I’m hopeful of this too but I’m also mindful that what could also happen when the Asobo team returns from a crunch-time break after releasing to market is, they are put straight to work on more revenue-generating DLC such as new aircraft and the feature fixes, missing features and SDK docks will be a very low priority and receive a very slow update schedule.

I pray that I’m just being paranoid :slight_smile:

Shows us a screen shot of your axis assignments?

Odd. My ancient Saitek X-55 joy / throttle combo works for the most part. There’s just a slight axis mapping issue with the throttle and mixture that I’m trying to figure out. All the dials, switches, hats sliders and buttons seem okay.

I’m having hit and miss experiences with the Saitek radio, switch and multi-panel hardware. Sometimes it works with all displays on the panels with Lorbo, sometimes it works if I try SPAD but some of the time either nothing works (switches or panel display) or switches work but no display. It’s all a very bad user experience and hope the Logitech update in September just fixes everything. I also hope the Logitech fixes result in these panels just being recognised in the FS 2020 Controls menu for easy configuration, though I doubt it.

No stress at all coming through in this post

With Spad are you using the default msfs C172 profile provided by Spad? It works pretty well for me (not perfect but close).

I wanted to try this before I spent $200 on P3D V5, well I am glad I did, because now I appreciate just what a stable solid sim P3D really is, here comes my $200 for Version 5 Lockheed Martin

good luck with your xbox toy Microsoft

Well, to be honest , i never heard of PD3 V5 ( new to flight sims ) .

Having done some research , I can safely say , good luck with PD3 V5 . It’s buggy , overpriced and has worse scenery than XPlane .

And , you’re going to drop $200 on top of whatever ( approx $80 ) it costs for the base game ? Jez !!

Also , how much is Orbx charging for all those scenery add ons you WILL require ?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am a little disappointed (a LOT frustrated!) in FS2020. I was using FSX, but once I discovered X-Plane 11, I started using it. Scenery in FSX was not all that good. I purchased a couple of addons from Orbx, but never could get them to install properly in FSX, and their “world class” support was next to worthless. Once X-Plane switched from OpenGL to Vulcan, it became a whole new sim for me! Graphics improved greatly and startup went much faster, and I’ve NEVER had an installation issue with X-Plane 11. All of my peripherals were plug and play right out of the box, and calibration was a snap. If Austin Meyer and Laminar Research can get scenery graphics close to what FS2020 has, FS2020 will lose a lot of users…
I think a LOT of our frustrations and issues can be traced back to the fact that we don’t all have the same system, and certainly not whatever system ASOBO is using. I’m using an i7-9700 cpu, 32GB of DDR4 ram, a 500G SSD and a 2TB hard drive, and an RTX 1660 GPU. My system runs everything at 40+fps on the max settings, so my system can cut it. The issues all lay with FS2020. I hope they get it together real soon…


I am the same, I came to X Plane from FSX. then to P3D, now using P3D V 45. and X Plane 11.5 Vulcan. Given X Plane 11 has excellent VR capability – and I like VR in P3D V 4.5 too. I am disappointed in FS2020.

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I have not tried P3D. Between FSX, X-Plane, and FS2020, I have enough to keep me busy, although I don’t use FSX any longer. I have the Steam edition of FSX, and rarely fire it up. It doesn’t hold a candle to X-Plane 11 Vulcan or FS2020. I have heard good and bad about P3D, but decided not to plop down any more money on flight sims.
I know there are now many addons for FS2020, but I’m not about to put more money into it until they get their stuff together and make it more stable and usable. I already fell into that hole with FSX and Orbx addons that would not install, and only caused more problems than I wanted.

I do want my money back. After spending three weeks (one just downloading on slow connection), sitting through several GB updates, and today all the controls went haywire and I’m certain the fix will be reinstall the whole mess. Someone needs to start a class action on this mess.

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That’s why the big X has nothing to worry about newer is not better IMO

It’s quite interesting that so many proclamations of failure are made for a sim that’s not even six months old. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

FSX gained maturity in 10-12 years. I get everyone is operating on Internet Time, but man, this immediate satisfaction thing is seriously out of control. Some folks seriously need a perspective check.


When you spend money on something you expect it to work. Has nothing to do with “immediate satisfaction thing”. Would you wanna buy a car that isn’t very functional but it will be at some point, maybe. Probably not.

I am not saying everything has to be perfect but I feel like devs spent too much time trying to “wow” everyone with visuals they forgot about the basics.

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