This is considered an ''Performance Upgrade" ? [SU5][ personal experience]

To start,
~ Please quickly list your pc guts to your first message of response so we know what we are working with here.
~ VR USERS ONLY please and thank you.
- I would like to hear from only users that primarily use VR only, and please post your rig specs. Sorry for the typos that I missed.

So yeah. Whats good everyone?!

AMD Threadripper 2950X
64GB 3200
RTX 3090
3 x Crucial P5 SSD
Oculus Quest 2
Virtual Desktop

Well if you reading this, then you have more than likely have waited the long amount of time it took to download, even using a VPN to top out your DL speed, and have given the exe file a couple touches to see the " increase in performance" sim update. From what I had read, they rewrote 60% of the code to where as it would give an increase of upwards of 50-60% performance upgrade.
* DCS World is not an optimized game at all for VR, but from what I get in DCS in compared to FS2020 before and after sim update 5, from my own experience is that a 50 to 60 percent upgrade would have put fs2020 at par with what I get in DCS, which is 45fps min to 70-90 fps depending where my nose is pointing. *

Downloaded the WinStore update to FS2020.
Started and came upon a 22GB update (mandatory) - standard edition.
of course it was forever to download as the update was fresh and so many people DLing at the same time and such right? so after all that, I let to go through and then I restarted my PC.

Back online and executed FS2020 and this is when I started noticing the so called PERFORMANCE UPGRADE slide whistling down

the F###ing thing (fs2020) freezes so f###ing much LOL… and I don’t get he normal black text “Not Responsive” in the task manager. It turn to an orange texted “Not responsive”.
If you wait it may unfreeze, randomly it seems.
It may start freezing during the Flash Intros or during the the loading screen, or when at menu or when you are in the cockpit and either when you are getting situated in the cockpit or during flight, and not that long into a flight either. I mean it was shatty from the get go with their performance but the freezing and going not responsive for minutes at a time randomly (3 mins to over 20mins(after 20min i would term the program). ■■■■ the amount of freezing. And what’s with the gpu utilization of 40-50% during installation?

It looks as thought they didnt fix the PC Render Scale as i messed with that and it made a slight improvement in visual, but…nothing changed performance wise.

I use the Quest 2, in wired and wireless modes either through the oculus app or SteamVR or opening SteamVR in Oculus Rift, or Virtual desktop. And there is a different outcome for every one of these on what I see inside my headset, because what I see in my hmd is not what my mirror is seeing as my mirror is always better looking than what my eye see inside the hmd, even in DCS. Jitters and stutters are less noticeable on the mirror (all mirrors), but inside the hmd itself, the image jitters and jutters is much more noticeable or even longer length of time.
** for DCS World I Open Oculus App, jump into Rift, open SteamVR while in Rift, but then starting DCS by the ways of the Update Utility and having the steamvr runtime in effect. (also using Process Lasso). This gives me, so far the smoothest and best image . Oh and I also have 0.5 in the DCS world in the VR tab section under Pixel Density, and then running the SteamVR Render scale at 500% ( and even 500% in CRS after that.

Just using the Oculus App and in Rift, when I am in VR in FS2020, it feels as if I am traveling through clear gelatin, or looking around in a pool of clear gelatin when looking around the cockpit.

SteamVR seems a lil’ bit more stable as in a stable image, but stuttery and jitters and jutters still.

Virtual Desktop and opening SteamVR inside of that and then launching the game through VD was the best that i could get before the Sim Update 5 . it gasve me the smoothest and clarity with minial jutters. NOT LIKE THAT ANYMORE. now its all shatty.

Virtual Desktop with the Oculus runtime, and not having steam vr launched, gave me the same results as with Oculus linked did before.

Using Oculus Air link…in Rift…hor-ri-ba-lia. Garbage.

Now after the Sim Update 5, Its almost it feel as if I’m back at the beginning of when these “simulator” came out. The Draw distance in VR is a joke. Scenery appears to be downgraded, Color too, even after manual cache in an area of choosing. TAA in VR is does not seem to exist in VR.

Before the update the best i could get was using VD and using SteamVR inside of the that using the Steam runtime and not on oculus runtime. Before I updated I was only "ok…finally “playable VR” " with what I was getting which was about 32-34fps on average in fs2020 it had finally became stable enough to handle the scenery and cockpit together, I only would get a jut every time I would roll the aircraft or focus of a building as I roll, of course there’s going to be that jutter a the new scene image renders, but it was fine. when just flying around normal and checking out the sites. After so many many months, it had finally gotten to the point to where I wanted to fly in FS2020 rather than just jumping back into DCS.

…then they went and did this.
" Hey Customers! How are you? Great!
Blah blah promise. Blah blah blah promises, promise promise promise blah promises blah blah promise. blah blah promise promise “60% performance upgrade” promise blah blah. Blah rewote 60% of the games core blah blah. Blah “Vr Performance Upgrade” promise blah promise blah blah…" and ah so on.

…And gave me what I “upgraded” to yesterday. (?)

Now no matter how i go about getting into fs2020 in VR… its all shatty. different types of shat in every different way I go about it. My most enjoyable days of this sim was last month after waiting soo long of waiting, to get what I was getting, stability and experience wise. Now I’m back at the shatty beginning again.

Where is this performance upgrade promise? where is also the promise of a VR upgrade that was suppose to happen? IS down UP. AND right is circle>>>? When did i slip in past the looking glass?
Also…Is this a supposed to be a “simulation” or a “game”? Is this a “game” of a simulation? I though it was suppose to be a Simulation like the rest have been before , at least to their times. This game or sim seems still in an alpha or beta phase.

And this is what little bit I have experienced so far after 6+hrs of downloading and trying the sim yesterday (7.27.2021). Just me.

Post your PC and equipment and let others now what your experience is and how you go about achieving of what you got going on on your system so maybe we can find a trick maybe?

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I’m in the same boat, in 2d the performance increase is amazing, but unfortunately in VR, the experience is worse. Like you said, more jitters.

Pc Specs? what are you using?

First the specs:
i7 10700
RTX 2080
HP Reverb G2

I have issues with this update, but not the same ones the OP is having, apparently.

Of course I have the occasional cockpit freezing for minutes at a time, scenery drawing in too late to enjoy, sticky mouse pointer lag problems, connection being lost and being sent to offline mode, messages of “not enough bandwidth.” But I think that these issues are server-related and will work themselves out once the post-update rush is over.

My other annoyance is that the POI markers, and player nametags are exceptionally huge and dominate my view. I finally had to turn them off altogether. This could also be bandwidth-related but I really need to get this fixed.

I am also looking forward to the time when I can once again enjoy my add-ons, which this update broke. Luckily patience is one of my strong points. :sweat_smile:

what are you doing to get the results you are getting? SteamVr Only Oculus Only, WMR only? Combo of oculus and SteamVR? VD and StearmVR? what.? and what kind of results do you\ are you getting with how you have it set up? What is you exact setup? using Process lasso too or not or maybe OTT as well? What are you people using and how are you using it? many ways to skin a cat.

The only issue I have is worse AA in VR (a lot of shimmering). Performance is much better, I can fly VFR in photogrammetry cities now (smooth 30 fps, before was around 20 with bad stutters).
i7-8700, 3080, 32GB, Quest 2 (max resolution, 90 hz). Mostly medium/high settings.

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Oh, yes. I also have the shimmering issue. Pretty annoying.

To answer Roosevelt, I have a Microsoft Store copy of MSFS—no Steam. I use WMR exclusively. I do have the Open XR settings app but I’ve left it on default settings.

i7 8700k @4.8GHZ
32GB RAM @ 3200MHZ
TUF RTX 3080
Reverb G2

I get the freezes too… the gaphical downgrades are awful , everything shimmers so much in VR now and I actually have worse performance in GA planes without glass than before. The only positive for me is better FPS with glass cockpits, that’s it.

Big disappoinment! For me it was actually lot better before… In GA with little glass (e.g., the Arrow) was getting 40-50 FPS in more rural or light autogen areas and everything looked good… now I’m getting more or less the same performance, maybe slightly worse, and everything looks like sh*t…

And the pop-in is just ridiculous… WHY would they do this on PC. I’d rather wait for RTX 6000 series and then have it look good rather than these half-assed visuals with “better performance”. I also didn’t see a big improvement in areas like NYC, actually seemed somewhat worse when I tried it the one time.

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Not gonna read all of that, trying more succinct and maybe others can help.

My VR performance has dropped since the update. Mainly when looking left and right. Very stuttery.

Working fine here…
My Rig
Win10 Version 21H1 19043.1083
Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz
Installed RAM 32.0 GB
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
GeForce RTX 2060 Super
Driver Version = Current
32GB Ram
Monitor HP 2560x1440, 59Hz
WMR/Reverb G2

For me, it’s night and day difference. I went from 15-20 fps regardless location, airplane, resolution/graphic settings to steady 40 - 45 FPS using the Neo at LAX.

The discovery flights like the Bora Bora, Rio de Janeiro, Cairo (with prop planes) I’m hitting 70 - 90 fps with most of the settings on high/ultra, and resolution set at 80.

I’m also not using reprojection on OpenXR, when reprojection is enabled it introduces a lot of artifacts and shimmering. It ruins the experience. With reprojection off, everything is crystal clear and smooth.

My Rig:
OS: Windows 10 Home (not sure what version but it’s up to date)
CPU: i7 10700k
RAM: 32 GB Ram 3200
HD: 1TB 970Evo M2
GPU: RX 6800 XT Taichi X 16G
Headset: HP Reverb G2

I first had the same experience with SU5. Extreme jitters and black screens if i quickly turned my head left or right. But when i turned off SpaceWarp (Virtual Desktop) /ASW it was smooth as silk in my Quest2… For me this did the trick completely! From “rubbish” to “yessss finally good performance”. All the jitters dissapeared.

I was able to increase almost all settings from medium to high and still gained a more smoother ride. I never did a framerate test.

AMD 3700
Latest Nvidia driver / SteamVR

So today i have yet to be able to get to the Main Screen. It Tries to load. A black box appears (windowed) and then just disappears. Remains in the task manager but not doing shat. everything is updated but my set up dont like this shat i guess. DCS ok but not fs020. hopefully I can figure this out .

Stutters are back and I also have the black screen every 10 mins or so.

After update:

  • Shimmers on buildings
  • Stutters when viewing outside cockpit below the horizon
  • Every 10 mins huge stutters lasting 5-10 seconds
  • The whole view is 60% less sharp than the previous update
  • Airport buildings have no windows
  • Enabling VR before flight takes extra 5 seconds
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I swear to God that shimmering, the draw distance and the Pop-in (especially when turning your head) are the worst. If they fixed those three things it would have actually been an amazing update. ESPECIALLY the shimmering though, how could this even happen? I bet no one even tested VR…


I bet no one even tested VR…

That is simply not true.


I guess not, but don’t see how anyone can think introducing so much shimmer and blur is acceptable… It ruins the immersion completely when every building that is a little further away is flashing with jagged lines


Big improvement for me.

Windows 11
2070 super - latest drivers.
I5 9600k 5ghz
32gb ram
1tb name

Playing with motion Reprojection seems worse but it’s not needed for me anymore. It’s clearer and smoother without it.

Generally run oxr 70 taa 70
TLOD and OLOD 200.
clouds ultra.

CTD much more frequent. I won’t deny that. However the patch came out yesterday so let’s give it a little time and see if it smooths out.

PSA: in my tests the shimmering seems unrelated to AA, and is caused by reflections (which suddenly try to track your head movements). Turn reflections OFF as a workaround.
You will still see shimmering through the prop, I haven’t found a way around that.