This is FOR REAL ! Try it!

I can confirm from 5 times that i tested it in the same route.
I start a flight from Snowdonia flight school (Wales,UK) and start the Mach Loop.
After take off,extreme stutters are starting to happen right while entering the first entrance through the river.
Because i record videos,i can’t let stutters exist.So i press restart flight and stutters are gone through the whole flight.

Try it and tell us your experience.

PS.I used the MB339 and the F15

Radeon Sapphire 6800xt Nitro Plus S.E
Corsair 850 psu
Ryzen 7 2700 8 core
32 DDR4 Kingston
Kingston M2 NVME 1 Tera
4K monitor

This is likely due to the scenery being loaded from your SSD or HDD. As soon as it’s fully cached, the data is being accessed from RAM, which is a lot faster than any other storage. That’s what the rolling cache is for, which should make this process faster. Maybe try to delete and recreate the rolling cache. Might contain outdated data from previous FS versions.

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But i have no R.Cache enabled.Should i ?
I already stated that i have an M2 Kingston

Give it a try. I compared the performance on my PC with and without the rolling cache. Having it enabled works better here.

Enable it and set it to 32GB.

what if give it a 100GB? is it better or doesn’t matter?

You can increase it to whatever value you see fit, however, the amount you enter will be claimed by the rolling cache from the drive you specify and cannot be used as long as the rolling cache is assigned to it.

The recommended size is 32 GB. As to whether a higher amount is better, I’m not sure. This depends on whether you regularly fly in the same area or hop all around the world.

Additionally I want to mention, that your bandwidth / internet download speed is also part of the scenery loading (streaming from Microsoft cloud servers). This data is put into the rolling cache for the area you fly at. As soon as the set cache size limit is reached, the oldest data will be replaced by the newly downloaded data.

Basically, the bigger the cache, the more “scenery” it can store. Try it with the standard 8GB, the recommended 32GB and custom size. See what works best for your system and style of flying.


I got a 100mbps unlimited bandwith so i’m ok.
As for the storage,it’s ok since i only have it for MFS and Forza Horizon 4 which is standard.
I will try and give it a 50gigs since i indeed fly around much,in different places.

Thank you for time

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you mentioned that rolling cache is then accessed by RAM… so no difference expected if we set rolling cache from HDD or a M2?

An M.2 SSD will definitely outperform an HDD, also in this case.

The scenery data is downloaded from the cloud servers and stored in the rolling cache which acts like a buffer. So the “write” speed is important, which is very fast on M.2. Also, not all the rolling cache data is transferred to RAM, so a fast read speed is important as well.

All in all, a SATA SSD or M.2 SSD is very much recommended, as mechanical drives simply cannot reach the read / write speeds those storage devices offer.


I’m not surprised that you get stuttering at that speed, I don’t think MSFS are optimal for fast fighter jets.

You are not wrong…BUT !! Do you see any stutters at the video ? NONE ! Its is already explained and has nothing to do with speeds,which speeds themselves are a mambo jumbo numbers not representing at all,true fighter jet speeds.
Stutters happen due to loading of terrain etc even with stol aeroplanes

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Something else to consider for anyone looking to upgrade to m.2 or SATA SSDs - m.2 drives are even faster than the already fast SATA SSDs. On my system (ymmv), my m.2 drive is 4 times faster than a fast SATA SSD. I did read and write tests with big files and the SATA SSD is a slow-poke compared to the m.2.

I think the m.2 drives can be on busses that interfere with other devices, though, and anyone considering one should double check and double check even mobo compatibility, but my next build won’t even have SATA SSDs now. Just spinners for backup duty.

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Either they won’t make a difference with loading times for this sim!

They actually will. Watch your drive activity light during program load. I can’t give you load time comparisons but am very confident it’s a noticeable difference.

Only worth it if your gonna keep flying the exact same route as the data constantly gets overwritten as you fly.

I personally see good performance in the mb339 the only issue sometimes is that the terrain occasionally doesn’t load in fast enough at high speeds.

I’m not sure the rolling cache is all that relevant here.

The cache saves data for when you restart the sim or reboot the PC, simply so it doesn’t have to be downloaded again. Whether that significantly improves performance depends on how much data there is and how much bandwidth you have.

The benefit in this case appears to be caused by the data being in RAM. Whether it got there via the cache or the internet may not make much difference.

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MFS is not YET optimized for Fighter Jets speed.
When they will,this will go away

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