This is how I have "fixed" the brutal fps loss from SU11

CAn you provide the replay? Would be interesting to compare

How does it perform offline?

It’s all very well having this or having that but MFSF2020 requires data from multiple sources and until that data is loaded your super duper overspecced PC isn’t going anywhere.
There are always reasons behind MS’s hardware recommendations.

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Well offline near the same, I can’t tell exactly but will test some stuff now in a minute, but as I said not only me having this there are lots of people with the same issue no matter which PC duper looper or mega quantum PC still the MSFS performance is not there, oh not to mention I got fiber net 100mb so my internet, not an issue, my CPU just got fresh thermal paste and got new coolant in my loop so now that my CPU beading fresh I need to test more things out, even before the cleaning my loop and all my max temps on cpu were 55 on 2-3 cores rest just 30-35 GPU never went above 55c - mem was around 61-62c while in MSFS

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Yeah. After about 2hrs of continous play. Im seeing a drop to 3fps at my local airpirt. Was getting steady 24 at heavy airport. Now 3 after 2 hrs. Bandwith server problem im thinking because its stuttering to hell.

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It depends on the memory chips but for ddr4 60°C plus reported temps are considered to be on the high side.

100% this. And let us not forget, the hardware specs are based on a vanilla set up, no mods. It’s like adding ingredients to a recipe, sooner or later you’re going to need a bigger pan.

Awful analogy but hopefully it makes some kind of sense.

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I have not said anything about DDR4, I’m talking about my RTX3090 memory GDDR6X 60c-62c

Yeah … then it’s cool

I Have turned the Object level of Detail down to 10 ,That’s as far as it goes. I really cant see a difference in Graphic quality BUT! My FPS has sky rocketed especially in City scenery and I set buildings ,trees grass , on HIGH or ULTRA. Terrain level detail on 100. I get a solid 35-50 FPS now at fsimstudios CYVR that was a FPS killer for me. In VR I get 60 FPS +. So Take a look at your OBJECT LEVEL OF DETAIL SLIDER.

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Where did you get this from ?? There is no indication , neither mention , that they changed anything related to LOD distance .

What actually counts as “Objects” WRT the objects level of detail slider??

You can see the difference in rendered objects below.

Object LOD as of SUV:

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Interesting, looks like 100 is about the limit in those pictures?

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Links to full images:




Open them full screen, look at the building right behind the observation deck of the ATC Tower and the buildings in the distance on the far left of the airport :wink:

It’s subtle, 200 is better quality/detail, but the difference is there! Once you see it you cant unsee it lol

Edit: It’s definitely diminishing returns above 100 though

Edit Edit: The OP says he is going to retest this with SUXI! Watch this space :slight_smile:


LOL, that really is microscopic :slight_smile:

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  1. NVIDIA RTX card user: If you undervolt your card, you may have gone too low, even it may seem fine in other games.

  2. Road, boat and shipping traffic causes stutters and low fps at any setting, so I’ve turned it off.

Changing these two points makes my sim GPU limited and smooth now, with very rare hiccups.

Have you turned on frame generation? Also, im getting stutters when im flying low and fast near large cities. Not sure why

Thanks for these great instructions, my sim experience feels very fast and smooth now.

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Hi guys!

Hope you all good! Now to the low fps it seams I fixed my fps! Now I can get all ultra max settings on 4K using TAA and scale up to 150%! My fps are solid 48-50fps min and max 75-78fps depend on flying altitude can hit up to 80+ fps, now I have caped those using 50% of my screen hz as I have 2k 1440p IPS 165hz monitor G-Sync! On the latest Nvidia drivers and those are debloted! Also worth to mention GPU set in max performance via Nvidia painel controle and all I have done was tweaking the traffic and airport vehicles and fauna and ships and other aí traffic sliders, my cars traffic I let it on 55% so nice to see cars on the roads at low altitude! Then the TLOD is set on 200% and DLOD is 140, and I now have nice enjoyment playing MSFS !

I also have clean the folder with 60gb of stuff that are numeric in the MSFS install folder :file_folder: and omg my sim just flying!

Worth to say that further performance improvements needed on MSFS by Asobo to improve GPU usage and CPU, but at least I can see my CPU 30-40% use and GPU 99-100% time to time goes down to 75-80% but other than that super! Can’t complain

Reminder of system spec:

CPU: I9 11900k @ 5.3Ghz all cores
GPU: EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra V2 black - resizable bar activated!
RAM: 2x 16GB DDR4 32GB 3600MHz Corsair Vengence RGB PRO SL @ 1.35v tide custom timings
Board: Aorus Master Z590- latest bios
PSU: EVGA supernova 1000w gold
Monitor: MSI IPS 1440p 165hz G-Sync
OS: Windows 11 Pro all updates

And system cooled by EKWB custom loop

I fix fps SU11 problem upgrading from 5800x to 5800x3d.
Huge boost

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