This is how I have "fixed" the brutal fps loss from SU11

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Quick note:
Setting GPU to High performance is going to create more heat as the clock frequency will always be high potentially leading to thermal throttling…not the “best” setting.

Also if you want to add a bit more performance try setting the sim exe to High Priority under task manager/go to details

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Hi buddy,

Not a problem for me after 1h in MSFS temps are actually very good GPU die in it’s norm 64-68c and GPU vram 74c and this is on RTX 3090 FTW3 v2 then my cpu just hit about 42c @ 5.3ghz I have nice airflow big case and lots of fans, my room is nice vented also so happy with temps not to mention I already do my MSFS in task manager the flightsimulator.exe set in high priority, but setting it or not dose not change anything, my pc nice has nice frames so I’m happy with that :raised_hands:t2::pray:t2: oh and my GPU core speed always stays at 1950 but always starts for first 15min keeps 2010mhz then drops down by 60mhz which brings me to 1950mhz and I have updated bios on card via EVGA precision X and resizable bar activated, and this is OC bios on the card selector on.

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I run on HP and have no issues with temps

I found out one of the reasons why my FPS dropped. While doing an approach, I notice the little ■■■■■■ dropping slowly but surely towards powerpoint. Im on Ryzen 9 5900 RTX3070 32GBRAM, TAA, Global High/ultra setting, DX11 (tried DX12beta but perf dropped as well)…

Then I decided to try clicking the FSLTL button and “reset traffic injection”… et voila, FPS went back up again!!!

And later when I turn off FSLTL FPS was smooth all the way but then, no “life” at the airport… so whenever I’m near at destination airport, I will “reset traffic injection” or start the traffic injection to make sure my FPS is not dropping. Hope this helps anyone with similar situation. I’d welcome if anyone has a better solution to this.