This is really bad (FBW withdraws A32NX from the Marketplace)

Because they’ve been part of the development and need to update the stable version but that’s not complete yet.

People on this thread have no idea what has and hasn’t been going on between MS Asobo and FBW.

Rampant speculation

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Because they can quickly create a fix or workaround and offer a direct download from their own website. The stable version on the marketplace needs to go through “approval” so a fixed version can’t be deployed quickly.


And another Add-on now could be delayed or abandoned

Yes, they don’t work today, but updates are coming.

This is normal for software development. When your platform updates, 3rd party content needs to match.

This is why old versions of apps no longer function on newer versions of iOS or Android and they require you to update when your app gets too old.

While it’s true that the nature of the updates could have been shared with trusted 3rd party developers under NDA and MS/Asobo could have done a better job at managing the third party ecosystem a little better, third party content would need to update anyway.

The updates are coming. Most of the major developers have said so, incl Aerosoft.

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I hope so, but I have lost faith in them.

The Hotfix had zero effect here, MSFS still crashes in the world map and when clicking Fly despite having an empty community folder and only having one item from the MarketPlace (the Top Rudder).

It was working fine before Tuesday, I had more CTDs since Tuesday than I had in the year before that.

Mods break all the time by updates, this is no different to other software, may it be World of Warcraft, Sims, Euro Truck Simulator 2, GTA, Cities Skyline etc

No need to stir up some drama. FBW and Microsoft agreed to be pull the marketplace version until they had a stable version ready that works with SU5.

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The problem is that it also hits payware. Imagine you are buying a highly complex aicraft for 150 bucks (who knows how much the PMDG 777 will cost) and Asobo is shooting it out of the sky.


It doesn’t matter if it’s freeware or payware, updates can still break them (especially major ones). If the dev is serious it usually don’t see take long before an update is out and quite a few usually get access to the beta, which makes potential mod updates come out quicker.

When Apple and Google release new versions of iOS and Android it also breaks a ton of stuff, but gets updated shortly after in most cases.

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Did Microsoft not stream as they said they would yesterday? I would understand why but I’m just surprised they didn’t communicate somewhere that they have delayed it for whatever reason. I was just hoping to hear something from the developers with everything going on after the update.

I thought there was a beta programme for 3rd party Devs?

Not so… I did IOS Apps for quite some time. We always knew a while in advance what was going to break and we had ample time to have an update out even before the new IOS released. There was only one occasion when the “Segues” had a change, but updates were out on the day. This was in the gambling world where downtime and busted apps is big money lost!

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Yes, I agree. This is why I said that they could have done a better job managing the 3rd party ecosystem so that add ons would work shortly after release.

But it is still up to the 3rd party developer to update the add-on.

Yes, but that’s why I am posting these things…not to cause issues, but all over the internet there are pockets where dev’s get blamed…The problem is they cant update things for issues they dont know about, and this is the thing and the 2nd time where dev’s get blindsided by breaking changes.

Carendo got awful comments made about them… But the truth is they had no idea what was going to be broken, then it can take 6 weeks to get the fix, or maybe less back a while…


P3D need constant update of 3rd party after update or new version, some never worked with newer version unless complete reworks.


The only stream announcement I saw was for the twitch stream by coffee_haus playing host for a fun flight, not an MS/Asobo Q&A.

made 5 flight routes with the latest A32NX dev … zero issues
Actualy i had historic positive moments.
First time i had ZERO stutters, butter smooth cockpit , great immersion


Ok but the point/s I am trying to make are these:

  1. SU5 is not good, I think that’s obvious
  2. Even trusted 3rd party dev’s are badly affected why?
  3. Updates take way to long to be rolled out
  4. Aerosoft were co-developing the SDK with ASOBO…and they are in a situation where a new product which seemed very close to release has be stopped dead in its tracks!!

You have to ask what on earth is going on? why is there such a breakdown in communication, testing etc? None of this is good for the platform or hard working dev’s… For example I have said it a lot but now I really mean it, I am not buying another thing for MSFS until all this stop’s or is managed much more elegantly…I now have tons of add-ons that I have no idea when they will be fixed, in fact I dont even know how many airports I have that could be broken now.


In all fairness, PMDG did update their response today with an explanation and Robert himself stated, “good things still to come”.


There has been a very high amount of speculation in the last couple of hours as to why the stable version was pulled from the marketplace, or what led to such a decision. It’s very simple.

Being a team of volunteers/contributors working in our spare time, updating 2 entirely different builds just did not make sense when a sim update completely breaks a major feature or two, especially on the FBW stable builds which are not updated with new features very frequently (for obvious reasons, to keep it stable). This would just turn out to be counter-productive in terms of actual development.

On the other hand, the rumors that “3rd party developers do not get beta access” is false. I wouldn’t say this is true for all the developers out there, but a lot of them receive beta builds for the sim to test and fix their addons if they feel there is something broken. And we rightly did so. Our development version was updated with the necessary patches the exact minute SU5 rolled out to end users, which can be seen through our GitHub. The response was mixed. Some users had absolutely no troubles flying the aircraft, some had to transition from stable to development version with throttle calibration, etc., and some faced constant CTDs. This is what we referred to when we mentioned platform stability issues, it could have been some issues on sim-side which might affect the way an addon compiles/loads/performs. It is quite difficult to pinpoint the actual issue to a particular aircraft or airport without proper crash logs.

That being said, there is no need for a hostile situation being created by the community making it difficult for both Asobo and 3rd party devs, because the faults have been identified, it just needs to be worked on and made sure it does not recur in the future, at least to this extent.

To sum up, the FBW development version is still pretty much active and is being loaded with new features and fixes almost every day (yes! :tada:), and it can be downloaded using our installer available at You can also approach us on Discord at We would appreciate a little patience in case of queries/support requests since a lot of us on the team are fairly exhausted after the last couple of days, trying to get our best efforts into making the addon better.

Once we have an update about the stable/marketplace build, it would be duly announced on all our socials.

Happy flying!


Well I hope so, but PMDG just put all their eggs in one basket, its not in their interest to be negative, and they have not been, they told the truth it seems… But still, it has been 11 months of issues to be honest with a few good month in between… At this point I remain sceptical.