I mean it’s only been 5 days now that people by the thousands have been telling you about the issues with the new patch…how about some dang communication??? How about some acknowledgement that you sold us GARBAGE! How bout rolling back this trash patch that broke everything…DO SOMETHING!!!


Taxi lights still work for me.


I am not quite sure what you are expecting here? Do you think the development team talks to us on this forum? Because they don’t. Not even sure if any of even read it. Microsot might have some people that gather information from it, like voting on topics and bugs and stuff but that is about it. If you have problems you are much better off creating a ticket for it. That is what they are going to see.


If you are into GA and your favorite plane is acting up, try some of the others. I had problems with the AP in the C172 (G1000), but some of the other GA aircraft are flying just fine. I tried the S22 (from one of the upgrades, I think) and it was a dream to fly.


Yup. Most of the GA aircraft are working well enough to be able to enjoy them. I can understand the frustration of people who can’t get the sim to work for them at all, and for those who want to fly the big stuff, where there are clearly major issues making them non-functional, but posting rants that just insult the developers does precisely nothing to help resolve problems.


Oh, and you know that new car you bought? Well, I realize it won’t start and the tires are flat and the horn honks constantly by itself and the lights blink on and off. But, really, the wipers work just fine so I don’t understand why you’re complaining.


Your new car has the same engine, same lights, same horn as the other 20,000 off the delivery line. Lines and lines of code being read by numerous systems, some of which hand tuned by the owner may cause slightly different and unique outcomes…


I picked up every issue/bug/glitch that you mentioned and highlighted and then passed it on to the dev team, which was zero.


Well if that were the case that would certainly be an issue, but is it? I have flown every plane in the game and didn’t have any trouble taking off, navigating to an airport and landing. And I am not a pilot in real life.

Do they all work right? Nope, there are some issues for sure. However for me they are functional. It isn’t like they are sitting on the runway dead. If they are for you then that is for sure an issue.

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Did you not see the “Known Issues” right at the top of the page??



You yelled to update, and after the update, you insulted, you are really not suitable for playing this game, you can go to GTA5, or eat chicken.


I understand some of the frustration but I’d like to offer a different way to look at this.

Think of FS2020 as a journey instead of a final destination. The game just came about a little over a month ago and I am excited on what the future holds for it.

We are seeing the development team making two patches in the span of a month. That’s unheard of with most software companies. So we also need to put that into perspective. The patches were not perfect, as evident by the A320 issues, but looks like there are simple workarounds.

For me, I see myself being part of the Flight Sim journey to continue to see new updates, new features coming from the team as well as 3rd party developers.

Yes, the software at its current state is not perfect but it’s actually a great new software. It is changing the game on flightsim.

Am I frustrated with some of the bugs? Yes I am. Am I enjoying it? Yes to a large extend. I wished the autopilot logic will be fixed so that it mirrors what happen in real life.

So take this as a journey for all of us. We get to see over the new few years all the great things that come along with FS2020!!

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There will be ‘zero’ comms on this forum from Asobo just like there was ‘zero’ comms to the Alpha Testers …

There has been communication, but everyone seems to be both blind and deaf… :roll_eyes:

I think the word being sought is “conversation”.

Communication from the MSFS team does not and will not suffice. Beachball (feather) toss interviews do not suffice either.

A willing emissary of sorts may suffice.

But since the goal is for everybody to be happy with MSFS, ACTION is VITAL. The time for conversation is over.

Since the MSFS team communicates without conversation, the community will communicate as well. That is what is happening with this topic.


“Wait, is the communication only one way?”

“Always has been”

Hopefully they can do a AMA thing in the near future at least. Since path 1.8.3, the forum has largely become a place for speculation and it does no benefit to the longevity of this game

If I’d paid $20,000.00 for the Sim, like a new car, I’d be grouchier about it than I am having paid the premium price for a piece of entertainment software that is, for me, worth every entertainment dollar. It isn’t broken for everyone. With over 50 hours of simulated flying I’ve had three CTD - two of which happened while running an external map (coincidence? I don’t know & don’t much care). I’ve had countless successful flights in nearly all of the planes. I’ve experienced AP weirdness, stutters, low and acceptable frame rates. Some frustrating moments, and some breathtaking ones.

As a professional software developer for 36 years, now recently retired, I am astonished at the scope of this product even at this early stage.

You’re not making monthly payments for this software for the next seven years.

I’m sorry if it isn’t working for you, but just think how you’d feel if the the only thing on your CAR that worked was the windshield wipers. Would you feel the same, with the same intensity as with an inexpensive simulator that is experiencing early release bugs?.

Different scale, my friend.

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I don’t think that speculation, conversation, or communication has power over the longevity of MSFS. If the major blunders communicated all over the net remain for too long, then that is what will affect the longevity of MSFS. So, only the MSFS team can affect the longevity of MSFS.

Flight simmers (even if they are a minority) just want to fly at least semi realistically in a flight sim that they paid for…this is not asking too much nor is it lawless.

I think the patch is fine. Created some new issues but this will always happen. I’m less happy with the amount of drama here and hyperbolic reactions in capital letters. GARBAGE! DO SOMETHING! Dude really? Another 100 patches will come. Nobody’s life depends on them. Don’t think it’s healthy though if you react so heavy to every patch they bring out.

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I’m starting to make more and more use of the “Mute” feature for these kinds of threads. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat: