This made me dissapointed

still haven’t fixed the weather bug even thought they said they did. if this keeps on happening im just gonna stop playing this game.

I moved your comment out of Wishlist because there is no feature request in it.
I also want to say that it is difficult for anyone to change anything without any specific information on what you saw.

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where should I put it

I already moved it. It’s in General Discussion & Feedback.

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Some issues related to the weather are ‘‘partially fixed’’. The live weather in general is all broken right now but it seems they never said it is fixed, but partially fixed. Except if it’s something else more specific?

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the thunder bug is what im talking about

Then it is a well-known bug that I believe affects everyone and I doubt they said it is fixed. Here are some other topics talking about the same issue:

If I can help you with anything is to suggest using a mod called Unreal Weather. A bit complicated to install but it does the trick for now.

they said they fixed something with the weather