This new patch has made me stop playing

For the sensitivity, it is always modifiable manually in the file which saves the assignments of keys
For those with MS Store version, in the folder C:\Users\youruser\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData\wgs\

there are sub-folder, 1 contains the logbook, another the game parameters, and the others the assignments (1 folder per device). they are in an XML file (you just have to open the files with an editor like notepad ++ to find the right one (not the container.xx files but the others with full of letters and numbers).
In this xml file, go to section Axes and modify :
ex :

<Axis AxisName=“X” AxisSensitivy="-40" AxisDeadZone=“0”/>
<Axis AxisName=“Y” AxisSensitivy="-40" AxisDeadZone=“0”/>
<Axis AxisName=“rZ” AxisSensitivy="-69" AxisDeadZone=“0”/>
<Axis AxisName=“SliderX” AxisSensitivy=“0” AxisDeadZone=“0”/>


Do you know where this would be for the steam version with a custom package install location? I don’t have that long named folder at all in app data local. I’ve looked everywhere in the appdata folders, package folder, steam folders, program data folder.

No, i just know the path is different for steam version and my psot can’t be applicable to Steam version

This sim was released out of pressure. The market was perfect giving the COVID-19 pandemic world wide and a lot more people are social distancing and staying at home. If they waited longer they would have lost money. They saw an opportunity to capitalize and they took it knowing that the sim wasn’t ready. So basically what I’m saying is we paid to be beta testers :blush:


Beta ? no, where are in an Alpha phase in a development software pont of view :wink:

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:rofl: haha you’re right “Alpha”

I’d have to agree, this seems pretty alpha to me.

Unless they snippty snap fix it like that in a few weeks-months, then we’re paying to alpha test.

Hopefully I’m wrong, I have no reason to wish this sim to stay in this current state, I wish it had the functionality of Xplane 11 at MINIMUM plus what they already have in, I’d have NO complaints then.

As is it’s a ■■■■ shoot to start the plane up, take off, and land in one piece. I never had issues for decades in xplane or fsx

The XML’s on Steam version can be found in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\Input

Ok I found that folder (and have seen it before), but it only contains the default profiles for controllers, not the custom ones.

ok, non default config files for steam i found at:

those 4 marked files are for each device respectivly

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Fair comment but expecting a sim released last month to have the same polish as x-plane v11 that has been out and updated for several years was never likely.

My Patch Download stocks at 6,87GiB. Jumps always back to 0% after it reched 3% of the image. Tried to restart the game often, turned Antivir off, restartet pc. nothing helped.

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Trust me when I say this is not an Alpha experience. It has improved vastly but there are still many glaring issues that need to be resolved before I can truly call this a simulator. At this point it is strictly a game no matter how much I want it to be a proper simulator.

I also need to take a break form MSFS as it no fun right now with all the unresolved issues still pending, as far as I am concerned it is not flyable as it is.
Time to go back to my old reliable rock steady PD3 for now where you can still hand fly an airplane to instrument rated tolerances . I am still optimistic that MSFS at some point in the near future will be up and running as advertised, I realize it is a quantum leap in simulator technology but have trouble understanding why it was initially rushed into an early release date with all the bugs that became evident soon after, and it seems the same has happened with this latest patch!
Keeping my fingers crossed, happy landing y’all.

Yeah I stopped playing for now… The micro-stutter is terrible… Maybe I’ll try again (I just use turboprops now i’m not doing much with the jets until they are better)… just wish I didn’t sign up for the OnAir trial before this patch. I did see if you up the glass cockpit refresh to high it might help the stutter so maybe that’ll be a win. Going to try soon…

What issues with the TBM other than the incomplete G3000 and missing VNAV? I did several flights after 1.8.3 patch and had no issues with this particular plane.

Regarding the PFD jankyness, it’s due to the second item in the release notes:

New option available to control cockpit screen update frequency.

You probably have “Cockpit screen refresh rate”
on graphics options set to medium or low. Set it to high and it will be like before, at a CPU cost.

Same. The game is not fun. It is not relaxing. I can just watch YouTube videos of pilots flying their planes. Maybe I’ll come back to this at some point, but right now I just want my money back.

I’m pretty sure like in most situations with software development, the bean counters wanted it out the door so they could start to getting cash flowing on their years of income-less investment in the game.

But yes, it’s a gigantic leap in terms of sim tech. To expect it would be perfect on launch is unrealistic. However, some of the glaring issues that have been there and well known since the alpha stages are still there as well. And that makes it a bit of a bitter pill to swallow.

But I’m confident issues will get ironed out. I’m just not that hopeful it will happen in the short term.

Same here. Lack of sensitivity settings is really a no go for me. I thought that I’ll just enable the autopilot in Bonanza but nope. It tried to kill me. Imma take a break till the next patch.

I have uninstall the sim (first time i do that since FSII and not because a next version is coming).
I will come back in a few month, and only if i see that it takes the way of a simulator and if Asobo are decided to take in account users’ feedbacks and enhance their skills in modeling aircraft / avionic and…finally, their knowledge of aviation.
This sim is really, really beautiful, but…that’s the only point it is better than FSX, it is under for all other aspect.
For what i see, i doubt they can make a good sim (and stable) of the same level of P3D or XP before months perhaps year(s).
See ya MSFS ! perhaps